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The leaves have turned brown, and the sky is grey, as the famous song goes. Autumn is here after a rough summer, but don’t worry. I’m here to offer tips to help you stay active and positive during this spooky season. 

For those who don’t know me, I’m Mark, a personal trainer based in London and the founder of Workout with Pride, the go-to wellness group in London. We offer workshops, social events, and various classes ranging from strength training to spinning. Use the code QXFRIENDS to claim a free class.  

I recently went on Instagram Live to discuss consistency, gym attendance, and staying active. I received numerous inquiries from people wanting to know the tricks to get back into the habit or how to form good practice.

Now, I can run off so many ways to get off the couch, a few being to get a gym buddy to hold you accountable; I could tell you that your emotions are not fact and should dictate what you do because the truth is there are so many reasons, and some are hard to deal with. But the truth is people will only do what they want to do.

We should go in a different direction for this month’s column. When you want to get active but cannot find the motivation, do it for someone else.

Over the next few months, plenty of events will benefit the community, give back, and raise money for charity. Let’s take a closer look at what’s happening.

The Annual Red Run, November 25th.

A 5/10k run or walk supporting World AIDS Day will occur on November 25th at Victoria Park. In the previous year’s event, 4,000 people participated, and £235,000 was raised for multiple charities. We had the privilege of leading the official warm-up for all the runners and walkers. The atmosphere was fantastic, and it was a magical day where people came together to support a great cause. 

World AIDS Day is a powerful reminder of the ongoing need to fight against HIV/AIDS. We look towards a future where new infections are uncommon, and all individuals living with HIV receive the necessary care and support. This day is dedicated to honouring those who have lost their lives in the epidemic and reaffirming our dedication to ending it.

If you would like to sign up for the RedRun:

Lastly, I have always found it easier to do things for others than myself. If you are like me, consider joining The Good Gym. It is a wonderful charity that combines community service with physical activity. Their activities include walks, runs, or cycles to visit elderly individuals for friendly chats, as well as helping local community projects by planting trees or assisting with gardening projects. It is a great way to give back while staying active.

Doing great things for others can help us overcome tough times and boost our confidence. Once we feel better about ourselves, the sky is the limit for what we can achieve.

Check out the Good Gym:

Bootylicious is a gay club night at Union club in Vauxhall, London

What’s on this week

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Feel It gay club
Desi Pride at Circa LGBTQ+ club
Wrong Techno After Hours party
Gay drag shows at The Old Ship gay bar in London