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A Christmas message from Stonewall.

At Stonewall, we imagine a world where all LGBTQ+ people are free to be ourselves at home, at work and in our communities. In the last 34 years, we’ve achieved a lot, but the road ahead looks long and tough. Hate crime is rising, we are still fighting to protect our community from conversion therapy and transphobic narratives continue to take hold in the media.

Our fight for LGBTQ+ rights is far from over, and so, this Christmas, we are spreading hope for a better future by imagining a world of ‘Queer Joy’. We asked some of our nearest and dearest supporters what it would mean to them…

On 19 October this year, whilst waiting for a bus, Michael and his boyfriend Nat were unexpectedly attacked by a stranger. Michael was left badly bruised and now has a permanent physical scar. 

“For the next couple of weeks, I didn’t want to go out alone, and when I did, my senses were on high alert, and I was worried if I looked, walked and talked too gay…

It haunted me for some time. It also affected my relationship with my boyfriend too. When I next saw him a week after, all those emotions of panic, being scared and shocked flooded back.” – Michael

For Michael, a world of ‘Queer Joy’ is one where every LGBTQ+ person feels safe, where we can live our lives authentically, free from fear of discrimination and hate”. 

Stonewall is committed to making a world of ‘Queer Joy’ a reality. We will continue to lobby the UK Government for a clear plan to tackle LGBTQ+ hate crime. We will continue to hold politicians accountable for divisive culture wars and rhetoric that harms our safety and dignity. We will highlight the need for training and education to ensure that hate crimes are handled effectively and to improve reporting and support for victims.

And this is just one aspect of our holistic work for LGBTQ+ people, creating a world where ‘Queer Joy’ is a reality. 

In 2024, we are also committed to fighting for: 

  • Every LGBTQ+ person to get the healthcare they need.
  • Every LGBTQ+ child and young person to be supported to thrive.
  • Every LGBTQ+ person to be respected, recognised, and protected in law.
  • The UK to once again stand as a global leader for LGBTQ+ equality.

You can join us and help transform our hopes of a better future into reality by supporting our vital work. Stand with us as allies and members of the community, to help us keep put LGBTQ+ rights back at the top of the political agenda. Together, we can build a world of ‘Queer’ Joy for all of us!

We have an ambitious Christmas fundraising target of £10,000, which will be matched by the generosity of a family foundation in support of our work. That means every £1 you donate will be doubled. Will you help?

Donate today to Stonewall’s Winter Appeal

Stand up to hate and celebrate queer joy this winter!

Donate to Stonewall’s Winter Appeal and help protect every single member of our LGBTQ+ community.


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