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Hello, my name is Ollie, I work for esmale and we sell male sex toys, fetish gear, poppers, sex essentials and my favourite, lots of underwear. I am not sure what it is, but I have a complete underwear fetish! I love wearing it, seeing hot guys in it and am always on the lookout for hot new gear.

So, it did not come as a big surprise that the bosses wanted me to write about what underwear gave me the biggest thrills in 2023. They want me to elaborate on some sexy situations I got myself into in my quest to quench my underwear fetish. I am of course happy to oblige and also want to keep my job as it is the best one I have ever had! 

My top pick of 2023!

My number 1 is bulge-enhancing underwear, I guess most gay men don’t mind looking at a fully filled pair of pants. However, I did once go to Stablemaster sex party and this one guy was strutting his stuff in a pair of enhancing Sukrew briefs and he looked to be carrying an amazing weapon. As the night progressed, I finally got him to show some interest in me (my god, that was hard work), and we entered a booth. I am sure you can guess what is coming next; his manhood was not the weapon I had anticipated. However, I am of the “what you do with it that counts” school, and we had a super horny time. He also introduced me to Pentyl poppers which I enjoyed. Not as much as Berlin XXX but still very good. 

addicted underwear for any gay man who has an underwear fetish.

Addicted underwear

This might not be the most original choice as this brand has been around for ages, but they seem to keep bringing out new stuff and they have gotten kinkier, which is right up my street. Another reason I chose Addicted Underwear as my top brand pick is that they seem to last. I get up to all sorts of mischief in my underwear, so they need washing regularly. I love how the briefs and jocks keep their shape and the colour does not wash out either. They last forever, even for someone like me! I also want to give a little nod to Breedwell, an American brand we started selling and I am not the only one loving this brand. Our customers seem to really like them too. With a strap line like “Dirty by Choice” you can imagine why it appeals to me. They have lots of easy access gear with is handy and I love the fetish look and feel of this brand.

More than just underwear.

Even though my core fetish is underwear I am slowly getting into other sexy wear. A guy in a singlet or sexy harness can get my attention almost as much as in a jockstrap. I am personally not a huge fan of leather, I know many men are, but for me harnesses of other materials are sexier and I also find them more comfortable to wear. What turns me on the most is the fit. When something fits perfectly and supports plus highlights all the male curves. It gets me weak in the knees. I am excited just thinking about it. 

gay fetish for underwear

Looking forward to 2024 

Having shared my top picks and, to be frank, a little too much about myself I am now ready to focus on 2024. I have seen some of the new stuff we are getting in from the above-mentioned brands, but I am also super excited about the new Twisted Beast, TOF Paris and Dark Room styles that are on order. I can’t wait to show myself off at the next party or visit to a sauna. I find it such a thrill walking around in nothing but a sexy pair of briefs not knowing what the night will bring. It is freeing, horny and totally intoxicating. I might even bump into you, just make sure you wear something sexy.

That is enough about me and my proclivities. Time for you to have a look at all the sexy gear at so when we do meet fun times are on the table. 

To get 2024 started have a look at our stores here:

With love,


Team esmale 

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