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QueerSwap is a series of sustainability-focused social events for London’s LGBTQ+ community, including the popular queer clothing swaps, queer book swaps, and now a queer plant swaps. They pride ourselves in ensuring that the community has financially accessible means of finding sustainable clothing that fits their style and affirms their gender identity, and in providing ways to socialise in safer queer spaces that have an environmental impact. QueerSwap is a non-profit event facilitated by the founder’s charity, The Rainbow Exchange. All events are pay-what-you-can, and ticket proceeds go toward covering essential overhead costs and making improvements for future events.

Founded in March of 2023, QueerSwap has grown exponentially since its conception, starting with small swaps in Deptford with just a few dozen people, to selling out their last five events.

New Hackney Bridge QueerSwap Venue.

As part of a collaboration with Hackney Bridge, QueerSwap now has a huge new venue for monthly clothing swaps that will feature multiple workshops, social space, board games, and there is even a food hall and flea market next door.

Come join in and meet new queer friends, find some fresh wardrobe pieces, and make an affordable fun day of it!

You can grab your PWYC ticket and bring up to ten items of pre-loved clothing to exchange.

Get your pay what you can ticket to Queer Swap here

**All QueerSwap clothing must be clean and in good condition**

The next QueerSwap event is February 4 at Hackney Bridge, from 12 pm – 5 pm, Hackney Bridge, East Bay Lane, London E15 2SJ, United Kingdom.



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