QX guide to dating apps and websites.

gay dating site

The QX Guide to gay dating apps and websites.

With a proliferation of gay dating and hook-up apps and websites out there, sometimes it seems hard to know where to start in your search for Mr Right (Now). 

QX gives you a rundown on what’s best – or most specific – to you… And as it’s Valentine’s Day we’ve included some handed tips to help you through the dating game.





The Loving Men team has travelled far and wide to learn about dating and relationships for gay and bi men. They provide personal development events and resources for gay and bi men to meet each other on a deeper level and experience a strong sense of community. 


Originally beginning as a website, the brand also a ‘mobile service’. The original and still one of the biggest in terms of sheer numbers online.

qxchat.comgay dating website

From yours truly. The number 1 chat line in the U.K. You can call in to the service with your mobile or your landline. One hand can hold the phone and chat while the other hand is free. There’s no need to exchange pics or even lie about what you look like. Let your voice make the connection. It’s anonymous and you don’t need to register. Everyone is welcome.


Dipping their toe into each pool (ManHunt is online and an app), they’re basically the Paris Hilton of dating equipment. The guys on here are generally looking for a horny bastard, not a doting husband.


If you’re wondering what Squirt users are after, with a suggestive name it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Thankfully, because most of the users aren’t one. He’d rather bust a nut on your chest than bust his balls taking you to dinner. 


One click and you’re already looking at guys near you. Welcome to where you can find the horny bears of the world growling and prowling, and once you’ve registered and logged in you’ll be allowed to chat online and see all the profile pictures. Registration is free. Plus, they keep you up to date with gay parties all around the world.


If you like your man like Carrie Bradshaw’s hair – i.e. a little kink – then Recon is the app for you. You’ll find every fetish from leather and rubber to master and slave.  



Hornet app

Allows you to search for guys anywhere in the world. So you can arrange a shag half-way across the world before you set off on holiday; now that’s forward thinking. Never pay for a hotel again!


New on the block, this app was created out of the need to create a new and modern space for kinksters to socialise and meet likeminded individuals. Switched offers fully authentic profiles with an at-a-glance visual representation of their interests, a new matchmaking algorithm, gorgeous galleries and discover interfaces, and a timeline for users to connect with others and join conversations. The app is modern, responsive and feels like it belongs in 2024.

Grindr app

The popular international app is used by everybody from the virginal boy-next-door (and his hot uncle) to trashy south London sluts. Whether you’re looking for your next big love or just your next big bulge, the chances are that someone ticks (some of) the boxes you’re after on here. Just be wary of chatterboxes that fill their time Grinding away window-shopping with no intention to purchase.

Gay Romeo

What began as a home-made website has grown into one of the biggest communities for gay, bisexual and transgender men on the planet. Planet Romeo claim to offer you a different option because you can both meet horny hook-ups and the man of your dreams, and find what you need with their powerful search engine: free and unrestricted. Mr Right may be waiting just around the corner!


This app offers what you’d expect from one of the world’s top apps. Extra functions include traveller alerts and help to find out what’s going on locally, in hundreds of popular locations across the globe. The Scruff app is for gays on the move.



Here’s some more fun and dare we use the term useful stuff for when you need a man! 



“Oh no, I don’t drink.”
So, like, what do you do then?
“Actually, I’m just vanilla in bed.”
Yawn! Bring back the tee-total guy, please.
“Sorry, but ‘Hi’ just doesn’t work for me.”
What?!? A face like that and the bitch expects poetry?
“Are you hung?”
The question that comes from someone who’s 100% hung-ry bottom.
“Yo m8, wt u up 2?”
“I’m just reading Spelling and Grammar for Dummies – wanna borrow it after?”
So you’ve made it to your first gay date…



1) They are seven years older than their profile photo

We all love a silver fox, but when you’ve ordered some tender veal and a dry turkey turns up, you won’t be staying for dessert.

2) He has the table manners of a starving bulldog

If he could suck your dick like that, then life would be sweet, but in a restaurant it just means he’s got spinach on his chin and pepper on his nose.

3) They won’t shut up about their manor house in the country.

He’s either bullshitting, or he just genuinely has more money than personality. Either way, he’s paying and you’re gone.

4) His breath smells like the foundations of a cemetery

… And in the cosy restaurant you chose, you keep getting a whiff of it every time he lifts his head to tell you yet another dull fact about his life.

Cheap gay chat line 08718000800 13p per minute + phone company’s access charge. 


1. Being forward is not the way forward

Just because you had this guy delivered to your door like some Sloppy Giuseppe, does not mean you can greet him in a negligee like you would the pizza man. Much less on your knees like you would the postman.

2. Silence is golden

In other words, don’t wake the fucking neighbours. Sure, it’s all fun and games when you’re screaming to the high heavens and grunting like Gemma Collins doing Tough Mudder. Less so, when you’re being issued a warning for disrupting the peace at 7am with the grunts and groans from your twelve-man orgy.

3. Watch out for the ugly/hot

The rare breed of gay man that can send you half a dozen pictures and you still can’t figure out if he’s hot or not. Let’s not put the ‘duh’ in dumb. He’s NOT. And deep down you know he’s not, too. More fool you standing at the DLR station in the rain when he rocks up in Kappa trousers and a snaggle tooth.

4. Be prepared

Basically anything can happen. One minute you’re noshing him off, the next minute he’s slung you out before his boyfriend comes home. He’s sitting on your face, then your tied to the radiator by your balls. One minute you’re tea-bagging, the next he’s gone and so is your wallet. Be careful, play safe.


Gay Chat Line on Mobile Flirt with a fitty

What gay men really want for Valentine’s Day!





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