The devil is in the detail!

The devil is in the detail!

Most of us do it and many of us love it, self-pleasure. In my various years at esmale I have seen how we love to treat our bodies for pleasure. Whether it is some heavenly bum-fun, BDSM fantasies or intensifying a session with some of the best poppers in the UK many of us are here for it! However, there might be some tricks of the trade I can help you with. A few little tips that can help you have even more satisfaction. I mean, not all gay sex toys are the same nor are some of the sex essentials we have in store for you. So here are snippets of information I have gathered over the years. 

Bigger is not always best!

It seems that many people think that bigger is better does not only apply to a man’s weapon but also the size of a toy like a gay dildo for example. Sure, it can feel great to fill up all the space down there and practice some serious thrusting but, there are ways to get a different and sometimes more intense satisfaction. Our first tip is to try out a prostate massager and really hone in on your p-spot, put a little pressure on it and switch on the vibrations, you’ll soon be in heaven. To my surprise, it seems that many customers use butt plugs for long times during the day. They have them inserted when going shopping for example. I tried it for the first time a while back and it was such fun, it certainly made the bumpy bus ride much more enjoyable. In addition, it made my shopping trip much more exciting, and I felt naughty in a good way. My weekly shop has certainly become something I look forward to. Might this be a tip you act on?

Kink can be comfortable.

Indulging in the fetish of choice does not have to be uncomfortable unless you want it to be. When using gay fetish gear there is a whole range of softer materials, you can be tied up or restricted in such a way that it does not feel painful, yet you get the full feeling of being controlled. Gone are the days when you had to use rope, harsh handcuffs or metal chastity cases. The new generation of BDSM gear has many newer and softer materials so you can play out your fantasy without feeling sore. The same applies to for example leather harnesses.  We now have softer leather and also other fabrics. The stiff leather versions are a thing of the past so why not have a new look and see what is out there?

Get the basics right.

Getting the right essentials is key, a fundamental detail. We are not just talking about a good bottle of liquid gold poppers but more about lube and preparation essentials. Good lube can make all the difference. The last thing you want is to keep reapplying when you are in the midst of a fun time. We often recommend a hybrid lube. This is essentially water-based lube with a little bit of silicone. This seems to be the longest-lasting option that is at the same toy and condom friendly.  Pure silicone or oil based lube can damage toys and are not safe to use with condoms.

For the people that get too excited too quickly or those for whom it takes forever, worry not. These days there are improved delay creams and sprays as well as effective performance enhancers. For many these products have a psychological relief as well. They can now fully focus on the pleasure without worrying.   

To conclude.

Getting the details right can add some great spice to your adult fun. These are the 3 main things to take away:

  1. Concentrating on specific elements of what you like can intensify satisfaction. 
  2. Research what products are out there and do not let old opinions stand in your way. The products have moved on and the quality and comfort levels have increased.
  3. Buy good essentials to make sure you get the best out of your sessions.

There are many other tips we can part with but those are for another time. We hope you will have a great on your self-pleasure journey.

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With Love

Team esmale 

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