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The LGBTQ+ New Comedian of the Year Competition is back for 2024, and following an influx of applications from some of the most exciting emerging talent on the LGBTQ+ comedy scene, the event promises to be bigger than ever.

The flagship event from Comedy Bloomers, London’s original monthly LGBTQ+ Stand-up Comedy night, will see 93 acts from the UK and Ireland compete across seven heats, including regional events in Manchester and Edinburgh. This year’s competition, which kicks off in London on March 20th, will include an inaugural event in Dublin, Ireland.

Charlie George MC

The heats will be hosted by some of the UK’s best LGBTQ+ MCs, including Kuan Wen, Charlie George, James Barr, Sue Gives a F*Ck and Matthew Ali. Headliners will include past finalists, including Dee Allum, Lachlan Werner and Dick Denham, as well as previous competition winner Victoria Olsina.

The competition will culminate in two semi-finals in London, with a triumphant return to the legendary Clapham Grand for the final, an expanded multi-camera filmed live show, on Tuesday, June 11th.

Comedy Bloomers is dedicated to promoting inclusive comedic talent with a specific focus on those whose work, without the proper support, might never see the light of day.

Chris Smith, founder of Comedy Bloomers, explained to QX: “It has long been our ambition to create something that moves beyond the tokenistic to something that genuinely showcases the very best of LGBTQ+ talent.

“This is more important than ever against a backdrop of intolerance, and that seems to be on the rise.

“The cohort of comics that we promote are well-versed in navigating life’s challenges, but the reality is that those barriers are also the ones that so often prevent them from stepping into the spotlight. Comedy Bloomers was set up to pave the way so that they can have the confidence, and the infrastructure in place, to do just that.

Victoria Olsina – LGBTQ New Comedian Of The Year 2022

“The success of the events offers a brilliant barometer for the cultural shift towards LGBTQ+ acceptance and inclusion. This is why the inclusion of trans talent is so important in the current climate, which is so focused on demonising this specific group. Comedy shifts the dynamic, giving control back to the performer and creating the ultimate levelling effect through laughter.”

According to Smith, much of the material explores themes such as gay shame, alienation, being ostracised from one’s family of origin, identity concerns and the struggle to live up to externally imposed stereotypes in gay circles.

He explains that the genius of the acts is that they turn trauma and life’s adversity into savage comedy that all audiences can enjoy—whatever their sexual orientation.

Smith concluded: “We have been overwhelmed with the calibre of applicants that have crossed our desk since the competition went live. We are delighted that word is getting out that we offer this unique opportunity for visibility; that’s exactly why the event was conceived, and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store.”

This year’s lineup of celebrity judges will be revealed soon. Past judges have included Zoe Lyons, Jordan Gray, Stephen Bailey, Vinegar Strokes, Rachel Parris, Sikisa, and Ella Vaday.

HEAT 1 – Seven Dials Club London, March 20th

LGBTQ+ New Comedian Of The Year competition.
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HEAT 2 – The Brewers Manchester, March 24th

HEAT 3 – CC Blooms Edinburgh, April 7th

HEAT 4 – The Divine London, April 11th

LGBTQ+ Comedian at The Divine
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HEAT 5 – Seven Dials Club London, April 17th

LGBTQ+ New Comedian Of The Year 2024
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HEAT 6 – Seven Dials Club London, April 24th

LGBTQ+ New Comedian Of The Year 2024
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HEAT 7 – The Outhouse Dublin, April 26th

Semi-Finals – London May 15th (Seven Dials Club), May 22nd (The Two Brewers)

For more information and to book tickets for the first six heats, visit:

Comedy Bloomers

Founded by Chris Smith, a former TV producer and stand-up comedian, Comedy Bloomers
launched a nationwide search for LGBTQ+ talent across the UK in 2019. Seeing the need for a competition that would raise the profile of emerging LGBTQ+ comedians, Comedy Bloomers is an events brand and platform that provides visibility to traditionally marginalised comedians that might otherwise remain undiscovered.



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