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Featured image: Jamie Irrepressible of The Irrepressibles.

It goes without saying that us gays love our pop. But sometimes, it’s nice to have something a little darker. A little rockier. And a little bit dirtier… and we’ve found it for you. 

The Irrepressibles is the creative guise of Jamie Irrepressible, a composer-songwriter-producer who has become a powerhouse in the realm of alternative music, captivating audiences worldwide with over 270 million streams on Spotify and a massive 8.1 billion streams on YouTube. 

Over the last 15 years, The Irrepressibles have released numerous LGBTQI international hits, including ‘In This Shirt’ and’Two Men in Love’, collaborating with various artists in electronic & dance music like Royksopp.

Jamie was part of LGBTQI+ history in 2014 when he performed “Two Men In Love” at the UK’s first gay wedding. 

Jamie is a queer artist that we should all be celebrating, and what better month than Pride to immerse yourself in his music.  The back catalogue is well worth your time, but he’s back with lots of new music this year, so why not start with his latest single, ‘Yo Homo.’ 

The Irrepressibles
Yo Homo

It’s a punk rock track of queer rebellion, unashamedly proud and brimming with homosexual desire. The video, directed by London based artist and drag performer Joseph Wilson, seizes this energy and unites performers from the alt-queer scene to celebrate their identities through dance and moshing in a rundown warehouse. 

Here’s what video director Joseph Wilson says about the video:

Yo Homo explores the rage of queer youth and the power of community. The song takes me back to my teens when I would get drunk in skateparks and go wild in mosh pits at local rock shows. It’s the song I wish I knew when I was 16, and the song I listen to now with pride and sweet nostalgia”. 

Watch the video here: 

Yo Homo’ is taken from Jamie’s upcoming fourth album, out later this year. He also released another single from the record in March, ‘Will You’, which is firmly in the grunge/indie-rock world, suggesting the whole album is quite a change in direction compared to his previous work. But this one’s sexy as hell, a queer sex-positive indie-anthem about the allure of men’s eyes meeting in a bar with pent-up sexual tension in the air as he sings, ‘Oh homo! Will you take me home? Another cinematic video too set in the ‘afters’ of an abandoned bar featuring a real life dancer gay couple & other queer performers from the London scene. It’s hot; see for yourself: 

We love this new sound and can’t wait to see what else is in store. Stay tuned for the album’s news and UK tour dates, which are coming soon. 

Stream the new single Yo Homo:

Alfie Freedman in Dorian The Musical at Southwark Theatre in London

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