17/09/11: Question, what do you get if you cross five hyperactive teenagers with two gigantic cakes?

Answer: blanket press coverage of cream covered hotties in London’s biggest gay club. That’s just what happened when One Direction – mooted to be the new Take That – appeared for the second time at G-A-Y, an occasion that was also the eve of the boy’s topping the charts.

The first cake to fly across the stage was in honour of Niall’s 18th birthday, closely followed by the ‘Number 1’ celebratory patisserie that ended up caking the cute quintet as they tried to sing while laughing and smothering each other, the audience and Jeremy with creamy sponge.

None of the usual management-controlled nightmare we usually face with top bands, this was a joyful riot of song, dance and a food fight – just what a good Saturday night should be about!


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Loyal G-A-Y customers not only spent Soho Pink Weekend enjoying all the great parties there were on offer, but also digging deep into their pockets to donate to the Elton John AIDS Foundation that G-A-Y have been supporting.

An emptying of all the buckets shows that an amazing £6,500 was raised over the course of the weekend! The current total raised so far is an impressive £73,116, however, with the target of £100,000 there is still a little way to go!

So, if you are feeling happy and generous then you can donate at – or at the buckets at G-A-Y Bar, G-A-Y Late and Heaven!

Heaven, 9 The Arches, Villiers Street, Charing Cross, WC2N 6NG
Words and Photos by Chris Jepson