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Jonny Woo's All Star Cabaret at The Theatre Royal Stratford East

Jonny Woo’s All Star Cabaret at Theatre Royal Stratford East, 2 Nov.

Jonny Woo's All Star Cabaret stars Jonny Woo, Sooz Kempner, George Bourgeois, Adam Perchard and Richard Thomas. Jonny Woo is an East London drag and...

Wig Brother

Have you been hooked on a series of Celebrity Big Brother? I mean, it’s total car crash telly but addictive viewing. We were having...
Bette Rinse

BETTE RINSE INTERVIEW: Christmas in Bettelehem

Jason Reid chats to London drag legend Bette Rinse She’s camper than a row of Christmas trees adorned with baubles displaying the matriarchs of Eastenders...
Myra Dubois

QX Cabaret Catch-up: Myra Dubois

Winter is upon us and it’s colder than Jacob Rees Moggs’ peanut-sized heart. But something that always warms our soul is a chat with...
Kallum Király Drag King

Getting to Know all-singing, all-flirting drag king Kallum Király

Cabaret correspondent Jason Reid gets to know the new drag king on the block. New king on the block Kallum Király is here to serve up...
Two Brewers World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day – Cabaret Charity Extravaganza at the Two Brewers

Poppycock, Sandra and Lady Imelda take to the Brewers stage for a drag rager. Oh the Brewers! Good ol’ Brewers, they can always be relied...
Minnie Bar

Cabaret: Getting to Know Minnie Bar

Jason Reid get chatting to Minnie Bar, the camp queen who always has a tiny bottle of voddy to hand.    CAMP seems to very de...
Dina Martina review Forgotten But Not Gone

Dina Martina review, Forgotten But Not Gone – ‘Dina is a force of nature’

★★★★★ by Dylan B Jones Every so often, a performer comes along who’s not so much a mere distraction or entertaining interlude, as a force...
Dickie Beau

Dickie Beau interview – Bohemian Rhapsody, queer histories and Botticelli

Cabaret performer and bona fide renaissance man Dickie Beau on Bohemian Rhapsody, queer histories and Botticelli in the Fire.  It’s not often that we see...
Into The Night

Into the Night at the Barbican review – ‘cabaret clubs of yore astutely resurrected’

Into The Night review by Ifan Llewelyn ★★★★☆  We live our lives in three broad categories of places. The home, the workplace and wherever we choose...

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