Jason Reid rounds up a week in the life of Old Compton Street’s iconic bustling boozer, the Admiral Duncan. With a night to suit every taste, from the best in laugh-out-loud cabaret to nocturnal throwback parties AND weekly drinks offers, what are you waiting for, get thee to the Dunky!



Baga Chipz: “Hi-De-Hi campers! Baga’s Summer Holiday Camp is a celebration of the great British holiday, with everything from Blackpool rock to Black Lace. This week we have authentic yellow coats, prizes to give away, camp competitions and my special guests are my showbiz pals Su Pollard and Nikky Kelly. It’s gonna be a camp overload. You have been warned!


“The Admiral Duncan has become a base for me; it’s a good old-fashioned boozer and is fast becoming cabaret central. My fellow residents Bette and Tanya are like my family.”


MONDAY – Star for a Night! (8-11pm) 

The Admiral’s longest running night. Whether you’re a first-time crooner or a karaoke fanatic you can sing to your heart’s content. And for those of you that need a small snifter of dutch courage their Monday drinks offers come in very handy, with selected tipples for only two quid. You can’t even get a bleedin’ coffee for that these days, never mind a pint! And if that’s still not enough encouragement, each and every singer gets a free shot poured down their neck from glamorous hostess, Tanya Hyde.

“I just love the Admiral Duncan and its unpredictability. It’s a great mix of well off older gentleman and hot horny twinks; even an elderly gentleman dressed as Elvis comes down regularly to be a ‘Star for a Night,’” says Tanya.


TUESDAY (8-11pm) 

Tuesday is a day of rest at the Dunky. Relax, kick off those dancing shoes and select your favourites from the jukebox that pumps out almost every song imaginable. Mingle amongst the friendly regulars and flirt with the adorable bar staff as you lubricate that larynx with a stiff one after all that singing on Monday.


WEDNESDAY – Cabaret Wednesdays (9-11pm) 

The team at the Dunky know that their punters demand variety, so on Wednesdays they light up the stage and showcase a different cabaret artist every week. Expect some of the best in the business, including Sandra, Son of a Tutu and Tiffaney Wells to name but a few.

Next week (1st May): Vicki Vivacious who says of the venue, “The second you walk through the door there is a kind and warm atmosphere with a wide range of friendly customers eagerly awaiting the cabaret. It’s the only bar to start your night on Old Compton Street. I love the place!” 


THURSDAY – Bette’s Boozy Thursdays (9-11pm) 

If you’ve never experienced a night with Bette Rinse (fnaaaar) then you’ve been missing out big time. She is a formidable force on the cabaret circuit and her mix of parody songs, unequalled charm and masterful ad-libbing will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

“The Admiral Duncan has been one of my homes for just over six months now and it just gets better and better every week. If you’re hard of hearing or heavily medicated then my Thursdays are definitely the night for you, dear. We love a bit of slap and tickle at the Dunky, so fuck the rest and come see the best,” says Bette.


FRIDAY – Flashback Fridays (8pm-12am)

Start your weekend with DJ Frankie Fantastique who plays the best of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. Expect camp party tunes that’ll titillate your eardrums and gear you up for the onslaught of the weekend carnage. There’s always a friendly array of guys and gals singing-a-long and swinging their beef, right up until the witching hour.


SATURDAY – Guilty Pleasures (8pm-12am)

It’s all about you on Saturdays! From the sublime to the ridiculous; you name it, if they’ve got it they’ll play it at their weekly request night. Line up some Kylie and get the Jaegerbombs in, there’s a love…


SUNDAY – Baga’s Sunday Holiday Camp (5-10.30pm)

Baga Chipz serves up her incomparable style of animated elegance, with special guests, every Sunday evening throughout the summer. Get ready to throw back copious amounts of booze; watch her sing, dance, reference Coronation Street and fling lightning-speed innuendo your way.