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You’ve seen them perform all over the land in glittering costumes, serenading audiences and reaping the glamorous awards and lifestyle, plastered all over these pages every week.

But you’ve NEVER seen them like this; some of the cabaret scene’s most sporting performers (for no other reason than because Editor Cliff and Jason were feeling mischievous) bare their peachy postérieures this week. We’ve included some ridiculously easy clues (if you’re a drag fan), BUTT can you match the bums to the correct queen?

Answers at the bottom of the page – of course!


1/ Pass the poppers and crack open the vodka, deaaaaar! They’re just far too moreish, aren’t they? If you can smell lamb chops burning then that’s more than likely the residence of this glamorous drag vixen. A big personality with a little friend who can be found spinning the tunes south of the river most weekends. Getting messy but always looking immaculate with it, we love her ‘funnies’ but never manage to write them down.



2/ This West Country starlet loves nothing more than noshing on a piping hot sausage roll whilst getting all hot n’ steamy in the early hours. Her bark is worse than her bite and if you make enough noise she’ll be the happiest baby drag queen around. The jock she’s sporting shows her true racy side despite her look of sweetness and innocence. You know what they say about the quiet ones! Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, lovers.



3/ Even though you can’t see it, this talented queen’s smile lights up the darkest of rooms, and the noise that comes out of her mouth always leaves audiences in awe. You can regularly find her meandering around a cellar hoping to sniff out a possible suitor. Being in the spotlight is where she’s happiest, especially when it’s with a posse of oiled-up hunks. But alas she’s still single. Who will slip their ring on her beautifully manicured finger? The search continues for Mr Right… Or at least Mr Turvy.



4/ This glam chick is most definitely one of the ‘children of the revolution.’ Offer her diamonds by all means, but she’s going to want the biggest rock in the jewellers’ window. Don’t be a ‘creep’ either, because if you are, that gift will roll itself back into your path. ‘Clap your hands and stamp your feet’ to the sounds of the ‘hot love’ and maybe, just maybe, if you make it to the stage one day she’ll make you sound just as perfect.



5/ A drama queen through and through, our fifth mystery rump belongs to a scholar of the Drag Idol family. Having performed from an early age, versatility is her game, be it as a drag diva, fairytale princess, or Jekyll’s alter ego. If you Google this fiery femme fatale’s name the first site that comes up is that of a porn star, which is quite a coincidence considering she reserves Thursdays for that sort of thing. You can also be her star for a night but don’t mess with her or she’ll #hashtagyoutodeath



6/ A crown would suit this regal red-head just perfectly. But I think she’ll make do with a sash and a title few have been lucky to attain, instead. A walking jukebox and Drag Idol alumni who puts the audience in control, be it in the West End or Wimbledon. Politically active and passionate about human rights. And one of the few drag queens to be a QX cover girl. Think one third of The Weather Girls and the one who stole the Christmas Club money on EastEnders (Yes, I know it was before some of you were born!) C’mon, it’s too easy…



Answers: 1) Mrs Moore. 2) Stephanie Von Clitz. 3) Topsie Redfern. 4) Trindy. 5) Tanya Hyde. 6) Martha D’Arthur.


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