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Our Drag Race triumvirate is completed by a crowning jewel: Pearl. Our favourite queen named after an oyster-based by-product kindly took some time out of looking dangerously attractive and repeatedly clarifying the spelling of “flazéda” to answer some cheeky questions about Porn Idol, London Pride and pearl necklaces.


Hi Pearl! We like ‘Love Slave’. It’s very 5am-in-a-sling. What was your inspiration?

I couldn’t stand hearing another drag anthem song about wearing nails, clocking a look or being sickening and fierce. I am future-oriented and want to make real money and be a respected music producer. I have a passion for house and nightlife and wanted an album that reflected that.

You whacked that EDM album onto iTunes quickly! Do you have an EDM background?

I always dabbled making beats in my free time. I love music and never realized I could have a career in music until I saw there was nothing stopping me. Having the fan base I have as Pearl made things easier.

Settle a QX debate for us please: top, bottom or “a lady never tells”? 

I think it’s important to not limit yourself in the bedroom.

You were in London recently judging Porn Idol, did you enjoy it? What was your opinion on the quality of the junk on display?

I enjoyed every minute of it. I don’t think Porn Idol is meant to be a sexy show. They seem to have a size maximum allowed! If you’re turned on at Porn Idol, you’re not doing it right.

It’s London Pride this weekend! What makes you proudest?

Opening up the minds of people in my community.

Have you ever given anyone a “pearl necklace”?


We loved your dancing on the show. What’s your favourite dance move?

Our horrible ‘Tan With You’ choreography

What’s your plan for world domination?

I don’t want to dominate the world. I just want to live comfortably as a respected artist.

Would you say you’ve perfected the art of resting bitchface?

Resting bitchface (RBF) isn’t an art form. It’s natural and can’t be perfected. It’s a lifestyle.

Cheers Pearl!

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