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Barcelona is beautiful; it’s full of beautiful buildings, beautiful beaches and beautiful boys.


It’s also one of the wonderfully gayest cities in the world. Imagine gorgeously designed architecture, glorious sunshine, amazing food and a general atmosphere of excitement and creativity. Now double it. Then make it completely gay-friendly. That’s Barcelona. It’s quite honestly as close to a perfect city as you’re likely to find in your lifetime.

So with this in mind, it’s more than appropriate that they play host to one of the biggest gay and lesbian parties in the world: Circuit Festival. Taking place over eleven days, the Matinee Group provide boys and girls from the world over with a plethora of parties from names like Beyond, Pervert, Papa, WE Party, Mega Woof, LaLeche, Safado and more! Not to mention exhibitions, classes, workout groups, shopping days…pretty much anything your corazón desires, nena.

I had the distinct pleasure of making my first pilgrimage to the gay Mecca that is Barcelona this August and attending Circuit festival. Let me tell you, it’s not often I’m lost for words. But this was something else.

Originally this was going to be a much wordier article. Descriptions. Things to read. Letters all over the place. But quite frankly, Circuit festival has to be seen, to be believed. It’s got water parks, it’s got world-class DJs, it’s got style coming out of every available orifice. It’s got Almodovar muse Rossy de Palma, it’s got Alex Mercurio shaking her groove thing like there’s no tomorrow. It’s got EVERYTHING. Basically. And I haven’t even started on the men. Chicos, hombres, guapos, machos, papas. They’re all here, clad in the tiniest ES Collection swimwear possible and ready to dance with you. If you don’t see at least one fella that tickles your fancy, you might actually be dead.

I mean, come on, take a look at these pictures and tell me you’re not ready to dive right in. Oh, you are? Well, Circuit 2016 will be ready and waiting. And Circuit Ibiza. And Circuit World tour…. ¡Nos vemos el año que viene, zorras!

• Circuit Festival 2016 is taking place on 3rd – 14th August in multiple venues around Barcelona, Spain. Check for details.

• Special thanks to the delightful Mateo Asenio, the gorgeous Fran Hurtado, Freya Boucher, Matinee Group and Barcelona Turisme for making this article possible.

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