A Hoyle New World

David Hoyle is the avant-garde performer and force of nature who never shies away from speaking his mind. A Hoyle show is much more than just a show, it is a fascinating insight into the world we live in, a roller coaster of questioning and exploration, through live performance, art and comedy, presented with a unique type of passion and angst.


As David prepares for the grand finale of his Mega Thursday shows at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club this week, and at a time when the world has been at its most turbulent in recent years, with the rise of a demagogue, civil unrest, corruption, coups, bigotry and racism, political revolutions, and authoritarianism, David tells us why he thinks the world is in the state it is now.


I think we’re in this state, because love is not considered a necessary component to decision-making. We live in a world which sadly is running out of control.

White supremacy and patriarchy are threatened. It is their last stand! The times we live in are reminiscent of the 1930s, which was the age of the dictators. Today’s Mussolini is Trump. The times are also reminiscent of the build up to the First World War. It is conceivable, that soon the world will conflate into ALL OUT & TOTAL WAR.

There are so many war-hungry entities, including NATO. There are so many nuclear weapons, more now than ever. It seems inevitable that as they stockpile, the pressure and temptation to push the button will be hard for the sub-humans, who rule over us, to resist.

There are hotspots all over the world, including Ukraine and the Baltic States. They are vulnerable to global power politics. The armaments manufacturers will wish to profit handsomely by the various divisions, which fragment our world, so will do anything and everything, to provoke. Which will result in TOTAL WAR.

There’s money to be made in maiming and mass-murder, yet we seem to refuse to learn from history. That we, the masses, are lied to and are victims of the most heinous propaganda.

Not even a plastic Union Jack, or a smile from a seemingly benign nonagenarian, can save us now. The brainwashing we are subjected to by the self-interested elite is now almost at critical mass.

We must decide if we’re going to roll over and allow the Global Elite total fascistic control over us.

To be obedient and scared? If we don’t embrace love and fellowship, then maybe as a species it’s time to become EXTINCT?! See you on the other side.