Clonezone Gears up for Pride

We speak to fetish connoisseur Topher about the pride plan’s for one of London’s biggest adult brands!

Ooh we love a birra Clonezone. In case you didn’t know, Clonezone are purveyors of all things sexy and sultry. We’re not gonna say ‘naughty’ because there’s nothing naughty about it. Naughty implies that there’s something wrong with having lots of sex and lots of fantasies, and there certainly ISN’T anything wrong with that.

Anyway they’ve got lots of cool stuff planned for pride and as a brand, they’re stronger than ever! We had a chat with their resident sexpert Topher Taylor about London’s flouring fetish scene, and some other stuff!

Hello Topher! The fetish scene in London seems to be THRIVING right now. Why do you think that is?

The easy answer would be ‘Social Media’ (Twitter and Tumblr especially) but it’s also the brains and dedication behind it. Look at groups like UK Leather Men, Manchester Rubber Men and the infamous Nigel from BLUF. It’s incredibly charming that so many people spend their time and money making sure like-minded kinksters have a safe space to express themselves. Whether that be a Twitter feed, a message forum or a group chat in a local pub. It doesn’t really matter WHAT it is, as long as it’s THERE. It causes a snowball effect and brings people together. I’m cheesy and admire things like that. Social media is an amazing platform for anyone who’s curious about fetish. All you have to do is look at people like RECON or Puppy Pride. They both created social networks to give people a platform to meet like-minded folk. RECON changed the game.

Why is it important to be open-minded about sex and fetishes?

Life is short and stressful; so if there’s something you want to do which will make you feel good – then you should do it. As long as you’re not harming someone, and what you’re doing is safe and consensual, then do it. Take what makes you different and celebrate it, use it as empowerment rather than something to hide or defend.

Having a healthy relationship with your own kinks and sexual desires is gold dust for your mental health. And suppressing aspects of your sexuality is a slippery slope, which I’d never encourage. There are so many avenues out there that you can explore to help yourself. Get out there and meet like-minded people because they do exist and you will find them.

 We have lots of customers who have told us their experiences of ‘finally’ allowing themselves to go to a kink night or arrange an evening of fun based around their fantasies and their lives have changed. It can be that simple – one night can change everything.

What are your plans for Pride in London this year?

I’ve joined forces with Her Upstairs. I’ve worked with George, Meth and the team since The Black Cap (RIP) years ago and it felt right to reconnect with a team I love. I have massive respect for the Her Upstairs team. I love what they represent and what they have achieved. We are collaborating for the parade and our float is going to be very subtle and elegant. Just something nice and subdued for the day. JK, it’s gonna to be the most flamboyant, unapologetically queer thing ever. I actually cannot wait. A moving queer club with a sea of colourful people. It’s about inclusivity, fun, colour and pride. I can’t wait. Think pink. Think fem. When the sunshine is over, we’re all going to head over to Her Upstairs to dance the night away

Anything happening in your London stores?

Yeah, of course! We’ll have our usual chaos in Clonezone Soho. We’re in the heart of the action on Old Compton Street and encourage you to come and visit us. If you want to buy or accessorise your Pride outfit on the day, come and see us. On July 7th we’ll have new Pride-perfect gear instore from Ruben Galleretta, Nasty Pig, Marco Marco and our usual selection of colourful bits and pieces. Pride isn’t about making sales, and I really mean that. It’s about reminding people that they’re welcome to come chat, dance and have fun with us. There’ll be hot guys instore giving temporary tattoos, freebies, award-winning gay porn stars taking selfies, music and of course… our incredible team. In Clonezone Earls Court, we’ll be having a prosecco reception, freebies, nibbles, discounts and our staff are prepped to help you get ready for the day – whether that be with a new outfit or some toys to take home.

Clonezone is at 35 Old Compton Street, Soho and 266 Brompton Road, Earls Court. For more info, head to