QX Meets… Ariana and the Rose

They’re the glam, glitter pop sensation that are tearing up Brighton Pride this year. These New York natives are the perfect mix of cosmic power and fairy dust. Epic pop melodies with a cool girl at a queer bar attitude, the kind that spends the night in the middle of the dance floor just feeling the vibrations. They’re taking to the stage of Preston Park on Sunday, so we caught up with them for a chat.

Could you sum up your music in three words for us?

Dramatic. Synth. Catharsis.

Is this your first time on England’s south coast?


It’s not! I’ve been to Brighton many times before and have been really fortunate to tour around England several times and get to see part of the country you wouldn’t normally get to see as a tourist.

Milkshakes or cocktails?

Milkshakes with some alcohol in them.

Sounds gross, but we’ll take your word for it… Who would you say is your style icon?

 Cher has always been my style north star. Specifically 70’s Cher but I love her in all the decades of her career.

Have you ever had a crazy night in a gay club?

Definitely more than just one! I grew in New York City, so going to gay clubs were my first nightlife experiences. I didn’t realize how lucky I was to go dancing in such fun and inclusive environments at the time. Or how good the music was compared to a lot of other clubs!

London, New York or LA?

Either London or New York. I like LA but just for a visit. London has become my home away from home and New York has my heart.

Did Cyndi Lauper ever give you any good advice?

She watched my rehearsal and I was so nervous! Afterward she came up to me and just said “You were really good” and I was genuinely star struck. I know we spoke more but I don’t remember anything we said after that because I was so nervous!

As a New Yorker, where is somewhere everyone HAS to give a visit if they’re in the Big Apple?

Everyone should walk the Brooklyn Bridge. You get such a beautiful perspective on the city and that bridge is one of the oldest structures there is in New York. It’s classic.

Is it true that girls with purple hair are more fun?

I’d like to think I’m pretty fun with any type of hair color!

Heels or platform boots?

Do I have to choose just one?

One thing you’re really bad at?

Bowling. I love it so much but I’m terrible at it. I’ll always suggest it to my friends even though I know I’m going to lose.

Glitter or sequins? You can only choose one!

Oh my god! What a difficult question! Glitter. Because it can go with everything.

Are you going to be running around Brighton on Saturday, or resting up ready to tear it up on Sunday?

Britney Spears is playing on Saturday, so I will be at front and center singing every word. When the queen comes to pride attention must be paid.

Finally the all-important question. Why is pride important?

Pride began as a protest. It began as a group of voices coming together to fight for equality and it’s amazing that the fight not gets to be a celebration. I think it’s so important to remember that these gorgeous, inclusive events filled with love and joy all stem from the unbelievable men and women that have raised their voices. I feel honored that my music gets to be the soundtrack to such a special day.

Catch Ariana and the Rose on the main stage of the LoveBN1 Fest on Sunday, 5th of August. Get your tickets CLICK HERE.

To find out more about Ariana and the Rose CLICK HERE.