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Words by Dylan B Jones

“I’ve broken my bum. No, honestly. I’ve just been from the doctor and he’s told me my bumhole is broken, which is actually really upsetting. I’m on the mend, it’ll be fine soon. Just overdid it a bit I suppose!”

Rebecca More is a truly 2018 phenomenon. An award-winning star in the straight porn world, with legions of adoring fans and over 300,000 followers on social media, she’s weakened the knees and tightened the trousers of countless straight men with her no-holds-barred homemade clips and saucy MILF persona.

In recent months though, her career took an unexpected and joyous twist, when a video she uploaded went viral. It involved her and
a friend, talking to camera in their bra and knickers, claiming, very heatedly, that they were “fucking cockdestroyers!” A drag queen in Chicago retweeted it and it became an instant hit with the online LGBT community, spawning a string of memes, articles, and even merch, with “Cockdestroyer” sweaters and t-shirts popping up everywhere from Walthamstow to West Hollywood.

“In that moment, we really believed that we WERE cockdestroyers,” says Rebecca, laughing as she straps on a sky-high silver stiletto. “It’s silly really – but we were living that fantasy. We were there to destroy cocks. That’s what we’d been put on earth to do.”

“The weirdest thing is, I know gay guys found it funny, and WE found it funny, but straight guys seemed to genuinely be turned on by it! I was like WHY?! I’m not sure what man would want his cock to be destroyed during sex, but there we are.”

We’re in a top floor studio in Soho, the lair of fetish photographer Matt Spike. As rain lashes into dark alleys below, Rebecca is a bouncy breath of warm summer air. Her fabulous anything-goes nature is part of what’s made her so popular and she sparkles with a kind of invincible, inquisitive confidence. Within minutes of arriving, she’s done a wee with the door open (“Ooh I love the window you’ve got in here! Actually, can I have some loo roll?”) and set up a purchase of the fetish chair we’re using as a prop (“My boyfriend will love this – I’ll send someone round to pick it up next week”).

Rebecca seems confused and delighted in equal measure by her sudden standing in the gay community. We talk about the irony of a straight female porn star becoming a gay icon. I ask her how she felt when it all happened and her answer is characteristically hilarious.

“I love that I’ve got a gay following because I love gay porn! I remember back in the day, there was a place in Soho where you could go downstairs and watch old gay pornos, you know from the 70s and 80s. I’d go down sometimes and just sit in amazement…like, wow, here are two fucking fit guys just going at it, ragging the hell out of each other. It was such an epiphany!”

Being a female porn performer and sex worker right now must be a surreal experience. Heated dialogue crackles around many issues affecting sex workers today, from the fallout of the #MeToo movement and issues of consent, to more positive dialogue on increasing sexual freedoms. Rebecca nods when I bring this up. I ask her about straight men. What are THEY like? Has all this changed their behaviour?

“I love straight men!” she says emphatically. “They’ve got me where I am today. But bless them – we get a lot of unhappy guys, a lot of lonely guys. The vast majority of them are very young, which is quite interesting.”

“A lot of them just want me to be their mummy. I think they’re just a bit scared and lonely at the moment!”

She says that for straight men right now, it’s all about the fantasy. Her closet is full of outfits – “all the classics”, from sexy nurse to dominatrix. She directs much of her exploits from a flat which she refers to as ““The Slut Hut”, near Heathrow (“which is great because we get ‘em fresh off the plane.”)

Rebecca muses on how modern society seems to have changed, or at least uncovered, previously hidden tastes in the young heterosexual male.

“Straight guys are into all sorts these days. To be honest, what I’m most impressed by is how much they can take up their bum.”

After we both recover from our laughing fit, I ask if she gets any hate online for her fabulously outrageous exploits, all of which she films and puts on Twitter.

“I don’t, surprisingly,” she says coolly, reapplying lipgloss. “Everyone’s really lovely. I mean of course there are a couple of arseholes, but you just don’t respond to it because that’s what they want.”

“People used to be slag me off and I was a bit disappointed when they stopped to be honest. I was like ‘oh god what if no-one cares about me anymore!’ When you’ve got people slagging you off, you know you’ve made it.”

It could have gone either way for Rebecca – with her newfound viral fame, the trolls could have turned on her and called her every name under the sun. The reason they haven’t, is because she owns it. She’s truly genuine and untouchably confident in her considerably well-moisturised skin. She has a passion not only for the two greatest things in life (cock and shoes) but also for FUN. No matter what she’s doing or who she’s doing, it’s totally obvious that she’s having an absolute blast.

Photos by Matt Spike

Words by Dylan B Jones

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