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Lanah P

Christmas with Lanah P – Feeling Festive and Deconstructing Capitalism

Scene legend Lanah P dishes on charity, consumerism, politics (yikes) and the Yuletide.  Lanah P doesn’t just reflect the spirit of Christmas, she IS the...
Kallum Király Drag King

Getting to Know all-singing, all-flirting drag king Kallum Király

Cabaret correspondent Jason Reid gets to know the new drag king on the block. New king on the block Kallum Király is here to serve up...
Alphabeat interview

Alphabeat interview – “It’s time to make people feel good again”

This europop sensation are back to cure us of our Brexit woes. Following a six-year hiatus, euro-pop royalty Alphabeat are back to save our...
Minnie Bar

Cabaret: Getting to Know Minnie Bar

Jason Reid get chatting to Minnie Bar, the camp queen who always has a tiny bottle of voddy to hand.    CAMP seems to very de...
Jungle Kitty

Queer Afrobeat party Jungle Kitty – we meet founder Mark-Ashley Dupé

QTIPOC night Jungle Kitty founder talks their upcoming Halloween Ball For those who don’t know, tell us about Jungle Kitty - what’s the vibe? Jungle Kitty...
Dickie Beau

Dickie Beau interview – Bohemian Rhapsody, queer histories and Botticelli

Cabaret performer and bona fide renaissance man Dickie Beau on Bohemian Rhapsody, queer histories and Botticelli in the Fire.  It’s not often that we see...
Emma Jensen

QX Meets…Norwegian pop zealot Emma Jensen

Emma Jensen is a pop star of the Spotify generation Technology has transformed the music industry. Entire processes of music-making and producing that once took...

8 bizarre moments from 73 Questions With Olivia Colman

The single-shot, rapid-fire Vogue interview has become an internet phenomenon. Each instalment reaches hundreds of thousands of views within hours with culture's most prominent figures answering zany...
Lucy Whittaker

QX Meets… Lucy Whittaker

Queer pop powerhouse Lucy Whittaker is taking over the industry, one Pride at a time. Flipping her blonde locks over the shoulder of a blue...

Gareth’s Dating Disasters – the queer musical cabaret hitting Chelsea

We catch up with cabaret performer and hopeless romantic Gareth Edward ahead of his show in Chelsea.  So Gareth, tell us what this upcoming...

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