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                      HOW GAY ARE YOU?

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself that question? Let’s be honest, if you’re reading this the answer’s somewhere between very and extremely. Seattle-based channel CUT is an online platform who often gather a hundred members of the public, ask them all the same question, and upload the results in an epic montage. 

In this week’s episode, the 100 participants were asked how GAY they were, and the results were absolutely adorable. The video which was uploaded on the 22nd of January has people answering really unexpectedly, with very few taking the “not at all” route, or giving the “100% straight” answer.

This is a masterpiece in the fluidity of sexuality in our binary world. YAS, QUEENS. Our favourite moment has to be a girl who cops out by saying “Gay just means happy, right?” and a voice behind the camera answers “oh, come on.” 

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