New study finds chemsex isn’t just a gay problem – it’s a British problem

CREDIT: Addiction Center

A new study led by University College London has found that Brits – gay or straight – are overall the most likely to combine drugs with sex, or to take drugs specifically to enhance sex. 

The Independent reports that the study drew stats from the Global Drugs Survey, which questioned 22,000 people worldwide on their drug-taking habits, and is the first of its kind to question people on their sexual preferences. 

It found that Brits are the highest users of mind-altering substances in the bedroom, apart from cannabis. 

One question asked respondents to rate drugs in order of sexual enhancement, and GHB was rated the highest by both men and women, followed by MDMA.


“While using drugs in combination with and to specifically enhance sex tends to be associated with gay and bisexual men, we found that in our sample, men and women of all sexual orientations engaged in this behaviour,” said Dr Will Lawn, lead author of the study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

“Harm reduction messages relating to substance-linked sex in general should therefore not only be targeted towards gay and bisexual men, as they are relevant to all groups.”

You can find advice and support on chemsex by heading to the GMFA website.


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