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LordHair hair replacement system wig
Hair replacement systems with LordHair. A brief history of wigs and a Lord Hair video tutorial on how to attach a the LordHair hair replacement system. 
Although in some quarters, at least, there has been a stigma associated with the wearing of wigs, they are much older and have been much more prevalent throughout history than most people might be aware of. From the ancient Egyptian dignitary to the renaissance judge to the modern-day fashionista, wigs have long been the answer to practical problems, a symbol of office or a way of turning heads, and occasionally all three.
And whilst the concept behind wig manufacture and wearing remains unchanged, the modern methodology behind their production is vastly different from anything that has gone before. 
Wig manufacturers garner hair from all over the world and only from living sources. Asia is a popular source, a place where young girls, whose hair grows particularly fast, regularly cut and sell their hair to such companies, for which they are handsomely rewarded financially. It is worth noting that there are similar charity schemes where people donate hair so that those dealing with cancer and cancer recovery can replace lost hair with a wig, something that aids both confidence and dignity at a difficult time.


Essentially there are two types of hair available, human hair and synthetic hair, and both types of wigs have their pros and cons. Human hair wigs may be the more natural-looking option, but they will generally be more expensive. Synthetic wigs, or as well like to call them ‘hair systems’, can be more cost-effective, but users may find the styling versatility limited. Of the human hair options, there is a further choice of hair. The Brazilian option refers to younger, unprocessed hair that hasn’t been subjected to the ravages of life. Remy hair is older and has been washed more often, and subjected to years of processing and styling.
The main advantage of human hair wigs is that they can be dyed, personalised and styled to whatever look you prefer. Also, heat can be applied when styling with no issue, making them a versatile option. It is essential to look after your human hair wig properly; its versatility is responsible for maintaining it more fastidiously.

Before and After – Tutorial on attaching a LordHair system:

Wherever it is sourced, the hair then journeys to its destination to be made into a wig. This is often China, which has become the ‘Silicon Valley ‘of wig manufacture, but it could also be Europe or The US, and Africa is becoming a prominent player too.
Firstly, the hair is cleaned, disinfected, and cut to the required length. These strands are then sewn into a curtain-like hairpiece known as a weft. These, in turn, are then sewn onto a base, a thin, lace-like cap that will fit over the wearer’s head and finally, the wig is cut and styled just as a typical head of hair would be.
lordhair hair replacement system wig
LordHair: Hair Replacement Systems For A Better You
The process is so delicate and exacting that skilled hands undertake every step. When you receive a hair system, especially one that has been specifically made of the individual customer, you are essentially receiving a work of art, something unique created with you and only you in mind. Stylists often can spend up to a month sewing a bespoke hair system, inserting each strand separately to achieve the desired look. Even off-the-shelf hair systems have had hours of dedication and skill applied to their creation. How could that not feel like a privilege to wear? How could that not make you feel special?
Wigs can be the answer to hair loss and other medical problems, or they can be fun, a way of changing your look and re-inventing yourself in an instant. They also give the wearer confidence. If you look younger, you feel more youthful. And whilst wigs may be relatively expensive when made to order, what price can you put on feeling great about yourself?

Tutorial on attaching a LordHair replacement system:





    • Thanks for your comment Ray. The system can be worn at night as it is specially attached to your scalp. Take a look at the video. And it doesn’t get itchy!


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