Lisbon to host EuroPride in 2025

gay pride

The Portuguese capital, Lisbon, will be the host city of EuroPride in 2025.

Lisbon competed against CSD Magdeburg in Germany and won 79% of the vote. 

Speaking after the announcement, a spokesperson for the Lisbon team said:

“This is a historic moment for EuroPride and us … We are proposing a paradigm shift for EuroPride … In an ever-growing hostile environment, not only towards LGBTI+ rights but to Human Rights in general, we have decided to highlight the need for visibly and physically occupying public spaces and calling out our paper towns … Lisbon aims to break the silence which chains [us].”


President of the European Pride Organisers Association, Kristine Garina, congratulated Lisbon and said:

“After this year’s EuroPride in Serbia, there can be no doubt about the importance of EuroPride as a vehicle for change and progress across Europe. This will be the first time the event has taken place in a Portuguese-speaking nation, and I am excited to see their plans develop.”

Falko Jentsch, Chair of CSD Magdeburg said:

“A EuroPride outside the big metropolises, where queer life is often not visible, was our motivation … ‘Visibility creates security’ and drives us forward in our daily work. We have been visiting Pride in Copenhagen, LeHavre, Warsaw, London, Prague, Belgrade, Gloucester, Cologne, Berlin and many other cities to learn from them and be visible together.

We will use much of what we have seen in the future and call on all Pride organisers and activists to do the same. Think outside the box. Help those in their regions who need visibility, and visit others to learn from them. For us, it is clear: we will continue the fight so that in 2025 and beyond, Germany will become a pioneer in queer rights. “

Pull on some lederhosen and get yerself to Germany!



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