Pull on some lederhosen and get yerself to Germany!

gay Germany

Germany is THE hottest new gay travel destination. Well, it’s not exactly a NEW travel destination – gays have been going there for years. But there’s a reason for that; the mountains are high, the men are hot, and the beers are cold!

Concerning attitudes towards sexuality, Germany is number one. Honestly, Germany is possibly the best country in the world to be gay. They’ve got a wonderfully healthy and open attitude to life. In other words, people don’t stare at you in the street. So you and your boyfriend can just walk around like normal people! Imagine that.

Also, we love to pretend London is the best city in the world, but let’s be honest, everyone knows it’s Berlin. Edgier than London, artsier than London, sexier than London and CHEAPER than London. The nightclubs know what they’re there for, the art scene is major, and our Big Berlin weekend left us shook. We had to go home after three days, and everyone else was still partying — we were the first ones to leave. That NEVER HAPPENS.

If you fancy something a bit more salubrious, head to Baden-Baden. It’s Germany’s fab Black Forest spa and relaxation destination! It’s got natural thermal baths that have been world-renowned since the early 19th century.

How glam! This isn’t naff, ‘Ex On The Beach’ new wealth; this is ornate luxury in its most deliciously lustrous incarnation! Sip a bespoke Black Forest liqueur whilst bathing your toes in the balmy waters (or relaxing beside a lovely blonde man called Hans).

GNTB stands for German National Tourist Board – they’re super passionate about welcoming LGBTQ+ travellers and are always conscious of helping with travel needs you may have — including gay-friendly venues, where to go, when to go, what to see, all sorts!




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