Trans In America single drops on International Transgender Day Of Visibility.

Trans In America

DreamStates is a proudly and loudly queer LGBT+ American band whose witty lyricism, soaring alt-pop and blindingly bright colours light up even the darkest places. They fly the flag for transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming artists.

“It is really hard not to like DreamStates. There is a delightful witchery to the earnestness of their lyrics and their celebration of bravery. Peppy, poppy and bold.” – Ted Zep, The Devil Strip Magazine.

Trans In America is their new single, and it is out today, on International Transgender Day of Visibility.  

DreamStates was founded in Ohio in 2017 by guitarist Madeline Eckhart (she/they) and “Akron’s Transgender Sweetheart” multi-instrumentalist Natalie Grace Martin (she/her). They perform with co-vocalists Jo Heil (he/him) and Billy Riot Pifflestock (he/they). 

Natalie told QX, “When Madeline and I first met, I was hosting karaoke for my family DJ business. I had only recently started coming out as transgender to friends and family, so I was still publicly identifying as male. When Madeline got on stage and sang her song, the crowd went wild, and it was the first time I saw a beautiful, proud trans woman singing in public. I was beyond inspired. I approached her afterwards and introduced myself, subtly including the fact that despite my appearance at the time, I was trans, too. She hugged me, and we have been thick as thieves ever since.”

Natalie’s previous career history includes playing keyboards and singing in Avril Lavigne’s band, while Madeline was classically trained in orchestral bass and sang in several high-profile choirs. Their yin-yang fuels DreamStates with attitude, bravery, and innovation, creating space for Jo and Billy’s incredible signature harmonies – one part ABBA, one part Arcade Fire – to soar.

In 2018, DreamStates received national exposure for their song “Normal”, including the #4 spot on LA Music Critic’s “Best Music Videos from August 2018”, leading them to headline the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Celebration as well as open for acclaimed transgender singer/songwriter Ryan Casseta. 

“Bright and brimming with emotional intensity.” – Anastim Ducray, Stepkid Magazine.

Influenced by Queen, Jacob Collier, and the Foo Fighters, along with their heroes Ryan Cassata, Lavergne Cox, and Laura Jane Grace, DreamStates are on a mission to be a positive representation in the growing choir of queer artists.

“There is still reason to smile and dance, even in these extraordinarily troubled times.” – Ken Schneck, PRIZM News

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