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Produced by hitmaker Justin Tranter, Billy Porter’s latest release, Black Mona Lisa, comprises a group of songs that tell Billy’s story authentically, with depth and nuance.

To herald the record’s arrival, Billy has dropped a brand-new version of the fan favourite “Children.”

Children (What Time It Is) features Black Acid soul phenom Lady Blackbird. Billy and Lady Blackbird met via what Porter calls “divine order” at the House of Koko in London. 

“What I love about Lady Blackbird is that she sounds so good, like a modern-day blonde Grace Jones,” said Porter. “Her music is aggressive. Her music has a message and passion, and it’s about something. Like me. We fit perfectly together.” 

“Folks are trying to come for us LGBTQ people, and we have news for them, ‘Don’t come for us unless we send for you.’ The time is now!” – Billy Porter

Billy Porter releases album Black Mona Lisa.

Black Mona Lisa Tracklisting:

1. Broke A Sweat

2. Children 

3. Black Mona Lisa

4. Stranger Things

5. Not Ashamed

6. Fashion

7. Baby Was A Dancer

8. More To Learn

9. New Shoes

10. Funk Is On The One

11. Audacity

12. Children (What Time It Is) Feat. LadyBlackbird


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