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Stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Charity Kase and Anubis are taking to the stage across the nation this Yuletide, and QX spoke to them both about their The Nightmares Before Christmas Tour. The tour kicks off in London on 2 December, at John The Unicorn.  

What can people expect from the tour?

Charity: People can expect a camp Christmassy experience and maybe even a puppet or two. We are bringing some amazing looks, comedy songs and killer vocals, literally killer on my side. It will be an intimate cabaret-style show and definitely a night to remember.

ANUBIS: Truly expect the unexpected! Of course, there will be KILLER looks & captivating performances but this tour is a total evolution and showcases many of our talents people didn’t get to see on RuPaul’s Drag Race! Blending cabaret, burlesque, horror and a CAMP Christmas party, this tour is a cocktail of tricks and treats you don’t want to miss! 

What made you want to self-produce a show?

Charity: We have wanted to do a show together since meeting on drag race. We really connected, and this tour couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. There has been a lot of coverage recently about how drag performers can be exploited by promoters. We wanted to show that there can be another way, so we have produced this show entirely ourselves, working with some great venues up and down the country.

ANUBIS: It’s always been something I wanted to do, but as Charity mentioned, it truly couldn’t have come at a more poignant time in the UK drag industry. I feel like drag has been lost in the UK for quite some time, with no real opportunities for stage/shows coming from “top promoters” without risk and little reward, if any. We’ve toyed and brainstormed with the idea of a tour since filming Season 3 together, and the fact we’re self-producing and writing the show makes it even more special to us and, hopefully, the audience! It’s an unfiltered, genuine exposure to us as artists, and I can’t wait for people to see what we’ve been cooking up in our cauldron! 

When does the tour start?

Charity: Our first victims will be in London on the 2nd of December at John The Unicorn! One of my favourite queer pubs in London.

ANUBIS: And to celebrate, we’re closing the tour in my hometown, Brighton! We both can’t wait to go on the road again together! 

Where can people find more information and buy tickets?

Charity: You can find tickets for the whole tour at we hope to see you there!

ANUBIS: Head over to our socials for more updates and tour sneak peaks too! Follow us at @anubisfinch & @charitykase 

Cocktails and Cabaret at Ku

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