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QX caught up with Frank himself, Andy Moss, to tell us about the journey in Frank’s Closet so far, how it feels to represent queer joy onstage, and his own Diva lineup…

Tell us a bit about Frank’s Closet – what can audiences expect?

Frank’s Closet is a queer love story at its heart. On the run up to his wedding to Alan, Frank gets cold feet. We take a look inside his closet – his fantasy world – where we visit moments in his life that have made Frank who he is. He’s visited by the Divas of his past who have shaped him, who each offer advice, comfort or a lesson … usually all set to a banging song! They’re helped along by the Gaiety Girls, who are both the angels and devils on his shoulder.

It’s a show coloured by super sharp dialogue, beautiful songs, and cabaret-esque design and staging. In terms of what you can expect – it’s an extravagant, silly, camp, beautiful, poignant night at the theatre!

You’re returning to the role of Frank after a sold-out run at the Union Theatre earlier this year. How does it feel to be back?

We had such a fun time during the show’s last outing at The Union. It’s the first time I’ve been able to give so much creative input into a show – we got to experiment and try things out, and that intimate setting meant we got instant audience feedback. The atmosphere was electric … so much so that we had to do it all over again! So, I can’t wait to step back into the closet at Wilton’s Music Hall.

A lot of our readers might know you best from your TV work (including Hollyoaks). How does being in a live show (especially a big, theatrical one like this!) compare?

With TV, you usually nail down and learn a scene the night before, shoot it the next day – then  it’s done. With a show like this, though, you feed off the audience. If they are loving a certain moment, you can ramp it up. We get to tell some of the story through songs. We get instant feedback all the way through. It’s different every night. If the audience is loving it, you can always find that extra bit – take it further, really let go. I love it!

We’re beginning to see more onstage LGBTQ+ stories that focus on joy, rather than trauma, which many people see as a welcome change. Do you think this is important? Why?

It’s hugely important! Every LBGTQ+ person has a story. And all those stories are all so different. In the last 20 years or so, it’s felt important to tell more serious stories to have issues front and centre to educate and move the world on.  It’s only now, thanks to all the creative trailblazers and allies who came before us, that we are able to embrace other aspects of LBGTQ+ culture and just … have fun. 

I love how free, unashamed and powerful our younger cast are who play the Gaiety Girls. Our dressing room has always been crazy fun! I wish I had that confidence at their age – it’s really warmed my heart.

Frank's Closet is a cult hit musical at Wilton's Music Hall and Frank is played by Andy Moss
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Without giving away too much – do you have a favourite moment in the show?

There’s a big musical number where it all goes crazy with Judy (Garland) and the whole cast, – the camp is ramped up to 100 and we literally do a kickline. Totally out of my comfort zone. But I secretly love it. (Don’t tell our choreographer Jo – she’ll have me doing more dancing).

One of the highlights of the show is Frank’s relationships with the Divas (all played by Luke Farrugia) – we meet Liza Minelli, Marie Lloyd, Julie Andrews to name a few! The show is a love letter to fan culture and those we admire. Who do you most look up to, and why?

Well, first of all, a shout out to Luke – he’s fantastic. I still can’t believe he sings all those songs as different divas every night – he’s great!

My first love (or diva) was Alanis Morissette. I connected with all her lyrics and songs growing up, but didn’t know why at the time. And that was closely followed by Gwen Stefani – she was such a powerful strong front woman in a male dominated scene. In the early days those shows were electric! Most of my friends in the late 90s/early 00s were girls, and we loved these women – still do.

I went through a bit of an emo stage after that, so I missed Mariah Carey. But now I know her, and her whole catalogue, I’m obsessed – I’m a retrospective Lamb! And then obviously Beyoncé, her shows are just incredible. Those are my Divas. 

Frank’s Closet has turned into a bit of a cult hit, picking up a legion of fans along its journey. What’s it like to be part of a show that’s found a community like this? 

People just seem to find some connection to the show. Whether it’s the story, the beautiful songs, the spectacle, the intimacy, the characters, the extravagance … there’s something for everyone in the closet. 

What’s next for you after the September run of Frank’s Closet?

I don’t even know what I’m doing next week, let alone the end of September! I’ve been lucky enough to have a varied career so far and that’s the life of an actor. You never know what’s next (I’m available!)

For those currently on the website hovering over the ‘book now’ button – any final words of persuasion?

Divas, extravagant costumes, cabaret, a beautiful score, zingy dialogue, a hugely talented cast … and ME. Book a ticket! 

Frank’s Closet plays at Wilton’s Music Hall from 3rd – 14th September, for a strictly limited run.

Early bird offer: Use code DIVA10 to get 10% OFF standard tickets to all performances. The code is only valid until 30 June and has limited availability per show – book fast to guarantee your discount!

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