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“Whiskey makes you frisky, brandy makes you randy – shame we haven’t got any rum…” Shame indeed. That’s a little titbit from Above the Stag Theatre’s latest hot show The Sum of Us, characteristic of the great one-liners that peppered this two-hour tale of a father and his gay son. 

That’s not to say it wasn’t an emotive piece – written by David Stevens and set in the 1990’s it explores sensitive themes such as homophobia, coming out, loneliness, relationships and disability; as well as shagging in public loos (well, who hasn’t?).

It was a show that left me feeling like I was on an emotional rollercoaster – bypassing the usual clichés found in mainly LBGT-themed plays and instead getting to the heart of issues that are really central to living life as a gay man. It was a breath of fresh air – and still riotously funny (just ask ‘giggles’ in the front row).

The set, which “Pat-ron” Su Pollard joked were pieces from her very own living room – was very well done – possibly one of the best sets I’ve seen in recent times.

The format of the show involved the actors talking to the audience – a great method for really involving us in the story, and conveying the deep emotions this whole production embodied. Speaking of the actors … phew! The Above the Stage Theatre is known for casting some gorgeous men (think Rent Boys – the Musical) – but we really lucked out with this cast. The two boys – Tim McFarland (Jeff – the son) and Rory Hawkins (Greg – the love interest) were two stunning Aussie boys.

Within the first 10 minutes of the show Mr. McFarland strips down to a towel (adorable feet – if you like that sort of thing) and within 30 minutes both stars are making out passionately on the sofa semi-dressed. It’s enough to get anyone’s juices flowing on a Friday evening.

Stephen Connery-Brown playa Harry – the father we all want – understanding, proud and terribly funny. Without a doubt he gets the best lines in the show. His Meryl Streep lookalike co-star (Annabel Pemberton) is also fab – playing a tricky part – yet portraying Harry’s desperate, homophobic love interest flawlessly.

A real entertaining, thought-provoking show. A delightful evening. Get yourself a ticket – you’ll probably see me there!


• The Sum of Us is running from 9th September – 4th October at Above The Stag Theatre, Arch 17, Miles Street, SW8 1RZ. Tickets from £18.

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