Charity Kase’s 100 Days of Drag

East London drag artist Charity Case has been making waves on social media over the last few weeks with her mindblowing “100 days of drag” project.


Her looks are challenging, haunting, unique and sometimes disturbing. We asked her to talk us through her the process and motivation behind it all.

“I don’t really know what inspired me to do it,” she told us “I have seen other people doing 100 days of makeup online, it was the start of the new year, and I knew I had at least one hundred characters in my head I could pull out so thought why not test myself!”


“My goal is to improve my own makeup skills, and to push the boundaries of drag really. I hope to create characters that people can relate to on some level, and then not at all other times.”

“Every day I wake up at around 9am and smoke a joint in bed, and watch shit YouTube videos for a little bit whilst deciding who I’m going to become today. Then I get up and eat some sort of cake or cold pizza probably, then I’ll start by making my costume for the look, finding and creating any accessories or clothing that I might need.”

“Once my costume is ready, sometimes not until like 7pm, then I’ll do my face and body prosthetics, and finally the makeup. Then it’s a case of balancing my phone on a chair and putting it on self-timer whilst I pose about 25 different times until I am happy with one singular photo. Depending on whether I’m going out after sometimes I literally just tear it all straight off and get in the bath.”


• To see more of Charity’s amazing looks, look her up on Instagram @internetchav



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