Return of TROUGH!

London’s hottest new party touches down at The Coronet Theatre

It’s approaching the time of year for another round of bank holiday parties, or, as we are contractually obliged to call them in the QX office, BONK HOLIDAY SPUNKTACULARS! Just rolls of the tongue a bit better, doesn’t it.

Anyway, Aussie partystarters TROUGH are back in London at the end of August for the third installation of their notorious homosocial. A lot of things reach their apex on their third outing. Look at The Return of the King. Or Return of the Jedi. And the third Sex and the City film can’t realistically be any worse, can it. So, yeah, we have high hopes for the upcoming TROUGH.

So whether you missed the first two or loved them so much you’re already queuing outside Elephant and Castle tube station, their potent mix of hard-hitting beats, intense visuals, and ferocious dark rooms make it an unmissable night. We caught up with head honcho (what even is a honcho?) Nik Dimopoulos to see what they’ve got up their sleeves this time round!

So TROUGH is back at The Coronet for a third round. How did the last two parties go?

They were absolutely epic!. Although we are still finding our groove in London, we are so impressed by the turnout and the vibe people are bringing to the party, so we are very excited about TROUGH’s future in London. Being total perfectionists, we will be not satisfied until we make TROUGH the party that most people look forward to. We are up for the challenge!

What’ve you got in store for the latest one?

This next TROUGH is once again at the Coronet Theatre, so we will be delivering yet another epic-size party with big dark beats and even darker rooms to lose yourself in. We will be playing with the configuration of Coronet’s cavernous space and once again, dress it up to impress. We hopefully will see a lot more of the crowd dress a lot less!. There will also be some exciting new DJs, both locally and from abroad, plus more mantastic visuals and performances to keep your mind, body and soul moist.

As always, the new artwork is on point. Who are the bangin’ new models?

All of the models in all of the shoots are samples of the men that attend the parties. This campaign was shot mainly in Sydney and Melbourne. We are now scouting for new models in London, so please wear less so we can see you at your best!

What was the inspiration behind the shoot this time round?

The TROUGH posters and parties are inspired by themes and ideas based on different kinks, fetishes, or sexual practices. Each of these themes is represented by a particular colour based on the hanky-codes. The current campaign features hot naked men against many shades of red; hence the inspiration being fisting activities. Obviously, we’re referring to boxing and arm wrestling, and nothing else!

Tell us about the DJs that’ll be playing.

First up, our main guest is Berlin based DJ/Producer Omer. Over his 4 year residency in Berlin, Omer has quickly become one of the most sought-after DJs, playing regularly at some of the city’s top parties, like Cocktail D’amore and Laboratory, as well as headlining the crème of London’s of underground club nights, such as DISCOSODOMA and ANAL HOUSE MELTDOWN. Omer will be playing an energetic mix of cosmic house and euphoric techno, cruising between light and dark beats. Also on the night, the legendary Massimo Paramour gets in touch with his even darker side, regular TROUGH treat Jamie Baillie will close the night with a deep electronica probing, and we introduce our mega hot techno beard Zola St to the darkroom decks. Plus, opening the night, Scots-born stud Andrew Moore will warm up the Trough with his blend of tantalising techno and hi-energy electronica.

How does it differ from other big nights?

TROUGH is a homosexual dance party, or in other words, a sexual dance party for homos. It draws its influences from the underground / alternative basement dance parties, the kink & fetish parties, and the large-scale circuit dance parties. It’s a party where men can come together, dance, get loose and get some. TROUGH is not a fetish party in the traditional sense, as we don’t enforce strict fetish dress codes. We do however encourage the less-is-more approach when it comes to attire. The themes and ideas behind each poster campaign play with many different sexual kinks, fetishes and practices but is presented in a much more colourful, playful and sometime humorous way, giving it a unique identity and a different take to the traditional fetish or sex orientated dance party. 

So far, how have British crowds compared to Aussie ones?

Well, it’s still early days but the British crowds are slowly coming around. In no time, we wiil see this crowd go more and more wild. You can already smell it through the hazers and smoke machines. They are also as hot and diverse as the Melbourne and Sydney crowds, and we like that very much!

The Coronet will be closing at the end of the year. Do you have any ideas where you’ll be moving TROUGH?

Very sad but true! The Coronet closes its doors at the end of the year, so this will be the final TROUGH at this venue. We are currently looking out for a replacement, but realise that this venue, much like a few others that have recently had a similar fate, are irreplaceable. We have a few options we are looking into which we will be confirming and announcing very soon but until then, lets make this last TROUGH at the Coronet truly a night to remember! 

TROUGH is on Saturday 26th August at The Coronet Theatre, 28 New Kent Road, SE1 6TJ 10pm-6am (last entry 2am), tickets £20 from



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