Introducing… Circa: The Club

We meet the team behind London’s first new LGBTQ venue in over a decade

You may have heard (we only tell every single person we see, also it’s on our cover) that THERE’S A NEW LGBTQ CLUB OPENING THIS FRIDAY.

It’s called Circa: The Club, and it’s down by the Thames – the first LGBTQ nightclub to open in Central London for over a decade! 700 capacity, no less.

As the name suggests, Circa: The Club, is being masterminded by the people behind the popular Soho watering hole, Circa! Pop down there for wristbands to the club, which is a 15 minute stroll away, down past Trafalgar Square and Charing Cross.

The new venue is equipped with Chesterfield seating, a state-of-the-art soundsystem and a fuck-off huge disco ball. In the words of Richard Attenborough off of Jurassic Park, they’ve spared no expense!


Below, we hear from the gorgeous Circa: The Club team on what they’re looking forward to most about London’s SPARKLING new place to be.

Alan Winter, Owner

Sum up Circa in 3 words.

Busy. Boozy. Beautiful. 

Tell us how you think the London Scene has changed. 

London has lost so many LGBTQ+ venues over the last decade – Soho particularly – but I don’t think that it has stopped people going out. I think Circa Soho’s success shows that people still do want and need to go out and be social. There’s a hasn’t been a new LGBTQ+ nightclub in Central London in 15 years so Circa The Club is about to change all that!

For those who haven’t been what’s Circa’s vibe. 

Wall to wall hotness on the weekend and then a bit more chilled during the week. It’s always been a DJ bar and the music is really important for me. Our amazing team of DJs are coming over to Circa The Club to really show everyone how clubbing is done!

What’s been your favourite night ever at Circa?

Our Pride parties are always amazing (but exhausting)! We start with the street party at 1pm and go on til 4am. This year with Circa The Club too it’s going to be double the work but I’m really looking forward to it.

Who would be your dream guest to prop up the bar with a gin and tonic with?

Everyone knows I’m a huge Madonna fan but it would have to be Madame Diamonds. Her picture is hanging near the front of Circa Soho. If you don’t know who she is, “Look it up!”

Why is Circa called Circa?

62 Frith Street (where Circa Soho is) dates back to 1690 so it was originally about that sense of time. Hungerford House where Circa The Club is has its own history too – being the old power station for Embankment, the river and The Savoy. I like spaces with a story!

Tell us what you’ve got in store for the future.

Let me get The Club open this weekend first and then we can talk grand plans – of which there are many! I miss a good mid-week crazy party though is all I’m saying…

Circa: The Club is at Hungerford House, Victoria Embankment, WC2N 6PA. Opens this Friday & Saturday, 11pm – 4am. Wristbands available from Circa Soho (62 Frith Street).