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The drag disaster talks bingo, booze and Jane Mcdonald

There’s been enough hollow thoughts and prayers to last a lifetime, so we think it’s time to switch it up and serve up some delish thoughts and overshares from our fave drag personalities. This week, the voice of a thousand fags, Mrs Moore, gave Jason Reid her instant thoughts on subjects of his choosing… including everyone’s fave gay man trapped in a Northern lass’s body, Jane McDonald. 

Dating Apps 

When I’m in a new place I occasionally pop Grindr on to check out the local trade. But I do think these apps have killed the art of conversation in bars. Rather than go and talk to someone on the other side of the room, people are tapping away on the app. I mean, c’mon, dear! We used to talk and learn stuff from each other; but now it’s all dial-a-fuck. So, yes I use them, but infrequently – and usually when I’m very pissed! In the old days we had to make do with the underwear pages of the Freeman’s catalogue or a quick fiddle in the woods with a man in a mac. 

Music in 2018

*deep sigh* I’m going to sound old. Music is all so formulated now. I don’t know who half the singers are, dear. There’s the odd nice song that pops up, but then I usually find out it’s about three years old. If I’ve had a stressful day my go-to music is Shirley Bassey. I’ll come home and stick a Bassey LP on and chill. I also like the old Trade house bangers. Variety, dear! 

Social Media 

My favourite thing about social media is switching off from it when I can because it’s incredibly time consuming. I do like when people post old photos for throwback Thursday, and I’m known for my late-night drunken Facebook videos but I try not to do them when I’m drunk AND angry. That’s not a good mix. I actually don’t think there’s a video of me sober on Facebook. 

UK Drag in 2018 

Good, inventive, fresh; I think everyone’s realised now that we don’t all have to be RuPaul’s Drag Race lookalikes. A lot of the younger performers have new ideas and a fresh perspective on drag. People like Ripley are doing amazing things pushing buttons whilst still being entertaining. There’s some really good traditional drag performers around, too – particularly Pat Clutcher. 

Jane McDonald 

For a Northern pub singer she’s done well for herself, hasn’t she? I was never a massive fan, dear. I can see why gays like her – because she’s camp. She didn’t deserve the BAFTA for that telly programme where she’s on a ship. But apparently she’s a gay icon, and who am I to argue with the gays, dear! 


Well I do love getting my dauber out and giving it a shake at every opportunity, and speaking of Bingo… my mother, Ophelia Moore, hosts Rock and Roll Bingo every Monday at the Two Brewers where you can win booze, confectionery (usually Poundland’s finest) and a possible £100,000 in the snatch or scratch round. It’s a scratch card, dear. 


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