Look Good Feel Gorgeous – The Hangover Cure

How to own your New Year’s Day hangover

No-one wants to wake up on the first day of the year feeling like death. But let’s face, most of us probably will. Despite vowing year after year that we wouldn’t. So, here are our top 5 tips to get you through January 1st!


You know deep down that you should have followed doctor’s orders and drunk a glass of water for every glass of G&T you knocked back the night before – but if you failed that challenge, at least get it right by drinking water before you go to bed and when you get up in the morning. A lot of it. Water is your friend. While it isn’t going to chase away the pain, rehydrating is an important part of the cure.



This fact will cheer you up: a bacon sarnie does indeed help alleviate the pain of a hangover. Bacon is full of protein, which breaks down into amino acids. Your body needs these amino acids, so eating them will make you feel good. Eggs are also a good choice because they contain the amino acid cysteine, which helps to break down acetaldehyde, the “hangover” toxin that is the root cause of you feeling so bad. Treat yourself to a double espresso and you’ll be well on your way to recovery as caffeine has a positive effect by dilating the blood vessels, which in turn helps relieve that bloody headache.

Hair of the Dog

Make sense doesn’t it? Why go through all that pain of a New Year’s Day hangover when you could simply just get on it again! It probably won’t cure the hangover but it will definitely help you numb the pain until at least January 2nd.

Go Bananas

And talking of bananas, their magic ingredient is potassium. By the time you’re nursing your hangover, your body will have lost a great deal of potassium, so eating bananas when you wake up really does help to bring some relief. If you fancy making a smoothie, mix it with coconut water, another big fat source of potassium, and a really great rehydrator.

Pamper yourselfs

Feeling bad is no excuse for not looking good. Never is a comprehensive grooming regime more important than after a big night out. Trust us, we know. Well don’t fear, these 3 products from Jack Black Skincare now available online and in-store Boots will get you back on top form! Simply use the Jack Black Daily Facial Cleanser to wash away all that leftover shame and chilli sauce from that ill-timed kebab on your way home! Next up use Jack Black’s Soap on a Rope for a deep all over clean. Finally, the best bit – lather Jack Black Turbo Wash all over the body from top to bottom. The eucalyptus in this product really appeals to the senses, refreshes the mind and kills that hangover leaving you feeling ready to take on the day!

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