Kim Cattrall’s new TV series hits unprecedented levels of camp

Kim Cattrall

It looks like Kim’s finally going to be known for something other than her beef with Sarah Jessica Parker and her side career in ska singing (if you haven’t watched it, don’t).

Beaming onto television sets across the US this year is Filthy Rich, a soapy drama starring Mz Cattrall as a billionaire Christian television creator.

When her husband’s private jet nose-dives into the ocean, her life comes crashing down as she discovered her late husband fathered three illegitimate children who are eligible for a cut of his estate. It’s basically a Caucasian Empire, where a hip record label is replaced with…televangelism? Okay, if you say so Kim.

Donning an accent more Southern than a bucket of fried chicken, that already seems to be wavering in the few lines she can be heard saying in the trailer, it’s clear we’re in for a bumpy ride.

Promising “monumental” twists and turns, the series is brought together by writer-director of quintessential white saviour flick The Help, Tate Taylor. It feels like it’s gearing up to be as problematic as Gone With The Wind, and just as camp.

According to FOX the series “represents a world in which everyone has an ulterior motive – and no one is going down without a fight.” Expect bitch-slaps, dramatic pauses and Kim Cattrall throwing several drinks in people’s faces.


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