Crustaceous comedy trio The Sex Shells talk shellfless acts and world domination!

Sex Shells
The Sex Shells

The Sex Shells are back in town this festive season after having a well-earned hiatus after a frenetic turn at Edinburgh Fringe!

They’re washing up at The Soho Theatre until 28th December, with their sparkling brand of often absurd, mellifluously musical and always hilarious performance.

They are mysterious East London wizard Dr Adam Perchard, flatulently flamboyant Calum from Hull and talented pianist slash Minnie Driver doppelganger That Woman Rosie. We had a catch up with them in the calm before the storm.

What have the SHELLS been up to this year?

Dr Adam Perchard: We’ve been glam clams – two shell-out runs at the Soho Theatre in the spring, the National Theatre for Pride with The Glory, a brand new show, a hit Edinburgh run, and now a MASSIVE CHRISTMAS EXPLOSION on the main stage of the Soho Theatre.
Calum from Hull: Music videos, fringes, theatres and costumes. We have been BUSY!

What shellfless (selfless) thing should we all do over the festive period?

DrAP: Free handjobs for Labour voters
CFH: Not have children.
That Woman Rosie: Be kind to straight white men, especially rich ones. They have it really hard right now.

What is your favourite shellfish (or mollusc) and why?

TWR: Oysters. I like the feeling as they slide down my throat.
DrAP: Oysters.  I identify with their invisible screams as they slide down my esophagus.
CFH: You ask us this every interview and the answer is always oysters.

Tell us about the Soho Theatre show.

CFH: Well it’s THE gig – the one we work all year for. We’ll be giving it everything we have plus some extra dollops of MORE!
DrAP: It’s a meaty cocktail of all the best bits of our Edinburgh show with a bunch of throbbing Christmas bangers inserted!  Bigger costumes, specialer effects, higher production values, lower morals! 

What’s the worst thing about Christmas?

TWR: It’s a toss-up between Stilton and Tories.
CFH: Christmas. And God.
DrAP: We all like a heavy load, but was the Little Donkey on Prep? 

If the SHELLS were in politics, what would they do?

CFH: Once inside Politics we’d shoot a hot creamy load up into its belly.
TWR: Save the NHS, remain in the EU, and roll out a nationwide queer cabaret programme.
DrAP: Obligatory sensible tweed skirts on the Overground!

Finally…what are the Shells’ plans for world domination?

TWR: Sequins.
CFH: Trained crabs. 
DrAP: Subliminal messages in asparagus.

The Sex Shells XXXMas is at The Soho Theatre until Saturday 28th December. Tickets from £11 available at