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We’ve become desensitised to the fit male physique with Instagram being a jungle of thirst traps with every other picture being an Insta-gay posing in their speedo swimwear on a Mykonos beach. It’s sometimes nice to think back to a simpler time when you’d only be privy to scantily clad men in locker rooms and on beaches in the summer months. In a time when you’d only see half-naked men in the flesh, having half-naked men on film from the ’50s is a rarity, which is why this clip unearthed by British Pathé is an absolute delight. 

This display of “ultra-modern beachwear” has us wanting to dive right in. In ‘Camp fashions for men by designer Dale Cavahnaugh’ we get a rare glimpse at a thrilling fashion show featuring young models sporting whimsical swimwear that would’ve had your gran blushing.


Just when you think young hot guys in whimsical tiny swimming costumes wasn’t camp enough, the narration by the designer himself reaches Kenneth Williams level of fancifulness.

“This collection of marvels aims to the revolt of modern man against the restrictions of conventional design.”

It’s not hard to read into the subtext here…

“Note how casually Allen slips off his sleeveless jacket to reveal the matching swimmers.”

Oh, YES dear.

“Pleasure, could you resist this hand-knitted slip over, double-barred in white?”

Cavahnaugh’s show was immensely progressive for the time, with the intimacy of the display speaking volumes. The designer had a popular shop on Kinnerton street with a predominantly gay clientele. A fashionable dip in the Serpentine anyone? 

Watch the salacious video here: 


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