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According to a recent study, men prefer bottoming are more likely to have big brothers. GASP.

Researchers have penned this trend as the fraternal birth order effect, or FBOE. Two studies form the US and Canada, seem to point to this very much being a thing.

Fraternal brith order has in the past been gestured to as effecting behaviour in men, with gender-nonconformity being more present in younger brothers. Think about all the men you know that are either the youngest in the family. 

Though nurture is often gestured to as a reason for sexual appetites, this research seems to suggest that it’s more on nature. Back in 2006 a research that compared trends in biological and non-biological brothers found that FBOE is based in nature. If you’re the second/third/fourth boy that your parents have conceived, you’re more likely to be a big ol’ hungry bottom

So the next time you’re bottom shamed, be sure to remind them that it’s in your DNA. Be proud, and run out and find a man to put his D in your A.

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