Better in bed, sex essentials special!

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Better in bed, sex essentials special! 

This is for those who just like me like a bit of adult action! I have been behaving like a dirty minx for well over a decade now, and I would say I have some experience in products that can make you either better in bed or at least increase experience. To simply shop poppers is not the answer but sure, they can help. Working for and having access to a massive range of sex essentials like anal numbing lube is, of course, an advantage. It also puts me in a position to share some little snippets of information that might just help you in getting the most out of your sessions.  

Obvious but true!

We keep mentioning this, but it really is true. A good lube can make all the difference. Whether you are a top or a bottom, a good lube can improve your adult play. Even if you use lube for masturbation, it can improve your sessions. The main advantage is that you do not have to re-apply all the time and some products have additional benefits like numbing. This can reduce pain for the bottom and extend the session for the top, a win win! I mean, J Lube is even used by vets to make certain procedures better, so there must be some truth in that a good lubricant can make all the difference! For many people, poppers help, and I must say that they do for me. If you do not know what they are, you can find out here; what are poppers

Tools for better performance

In addition to the obvious essentials, there are products that can also help. Firstly, to enjoy the highest level of bum fun we recommend an anal douche to ensure freedom of mind and to keep the sheets clean. For those just starting with adult play, we recommend anal toys for beginners, this is a great way to explore what your pleasures are. Other tools that can add to the performance are items like cock ring, sheaths, penis pumps and erection pills. All targeted to keep your manhood hard plus up and running. Especially in long sessions, these products can be of use. They mainly keep the blood in the right place and so keep you hard when you need it. For some introducing toys into the mix can still be a bit awkward. It feels like saying that you need help to provide them with a good time. In our opinion this is far from the truth, it simply improves things. I have yet to meet a man who can keep it up for hours on end without any assistance. Personally, I look at it from a different angle. If someone wants to introduce the product to the action I think, he means business and we are in for a good time. It also makes me feel that he knows what he is doing, a thought that increases anticipation.

Quality wins the race!

We recommend that you look for the more premium products. They simply do a better job and, in the end, are better value. This is because they last longer. Sure, if you just want a cockstrap to take with you to a sauna or a hook-up, select a cheap one that will last you the night. If you however want your purchase to last longer go for brands like Oxballs, Sport Fucker or Hot Octopus. These brands have researched how these products should work and the materials they need to use to provide comfort and be effective at the same time. You will pay a bit more, but you will enjoy them on many occasions.

To summarise

In the end, it is not that difficult to have a better time in bed. Simply ensure you have all the basics on hand. In addition, invest in products that are in line with what you want from a session and most importantly, enjoy and take your time. Rushing to the climax is great to release pent-up energy but for those longer moments, take your time to connect with each other. Communicate and make sure you listen and be heard. All this will set you up for some intense and satisfactory adult action. 

We hope you have many amazing times.

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With love and lust.

Team esmale!  



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