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Like most musicians, I am never happier than when talking about myself. Yet, like most sensible people, I am totally bored of reading artists’ accounts of themselves – even if – no, especially if – they are written in the third person. Why should you believe that Bambi makes the world’s greatest advanced lo-fi apocalyptic fun drum machine music, just because it says here? Smashing technocratic male hegemony and capitalist imperialism in a waffle house full of jargon, whilst stealthily avoiding technical musical analysis? Says who?

Bambi Redux

I believe, unfashionably, that my work should be able to speak, both for itself and for me. And if my glamorous image, slutty wardrobe, and terrible videos may have, in some way, distracted you from the seriousness of my art, then I have only myself to blame.

Furthermore, if the initial shock of what my music sounds like, at the surface, may have put you off getting to the far more interesting questions of what does it do and how does it feel? – forgive me, for it was ever my foolish design.

I was young and insecure about my own talent when I started out on my career as a “solo girl band”. I thought that what worked for Rhianna would work for me, too. I was wrong. With hindsight, I might not have wiggled my bottom at the camera. You could say that it was fundamentally wrong.

My life is, in fact, not nearly as glamorous as you might imagine. I am merely a conduit for something higher which is working through me.

I spent most of the past 18 months working on RETREAT, my latest album. The only respite from the crushing and lonesome tedium of 24/7 home-studio life has been one hour a day, when I go out to gather firewood, and to feed the birds and squirrels. 

My music is for absolutely everyone. I want to raise awareness. I am interested in difference, the unaffiliated, gender, geometry, and more. Mainly, though, I am simply interested in trying to get people to dance to crazy time signatures and see if they fall over or not.

“I make dance music on a shoestring for people who don’t like stuck record music, like me.”

Bambi Redux

I make dance music on a shoestring for people who don’t like stuck record music, like me. I like Coltrane, Dagmar Krause, Tim Berne, Cardiacs, James Tenney, Messhugah, Elliot Carter, Keith Jarrett, Robert Johnson, Indian Ragas, that sort of thing, not that it’s a sort of thing. But you know what I mean. For me, God is not a DJ. At best, God is a composer. Let’s hope so. Otherwise, God must be a free improviser. 

I’m really excited about performing at Queer Spirit Festival in Devon in August! It will be my first UK show in a while, and there will be loads of exciting new tracks that you won’t have heard before. I can’t wait. I hope to see some of you there. 

So, hopefully anyone who had any doubt before can rest assured that I am much further away from Eurovision than previously feared, and will now feel safe enough to visit my Bandcamp page to hear or buy some of my music. You will find that I am deadly serious.

Bambi Redux will be playing her next UK show at Queer Spirit Festival in August. 

The latest album RETREAT is available now on most platforms.

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