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The LGBTQ+ New Comedian of the Year Competition presents Heat 6 and featuring some of the most exciting emerging talent on the LGBTQ+ comedy scene.

Watch and vote for your favourite comedians and find the LGBTQ+ New Comedian of the Year!

MC Maddie HW is joined by Lachlan Werner, who was joint runner up 2022, in the final London heat.

Heat Six of The LGBTQ+ New Comedian of the Year.

Caleb James: “Whiter than your teeth, probably not as straight”

Ciara O’Herlihy: “London-based comic and writer”

Mat Smith: “Bad bisexual who can’t drive”

Leigh Douglas: “She’s too femme to function, too femme, too furious”

Heleana Blackwell: “Eccentric lesbian with children’s TV presenter energy”

Aiden Lonergan: “Surreal observations from of a working class, pansexual man”

Zach Brookes: “I am transman gay autistic comedian with a speech impairment. I was a finalist at Autism got talent 2023”

Imogen Trusselle: “Big Dumb Idiot and former Tumblr user”

Moss: “Quirky art with a big heart”

Merry Martyn: “Statistics nerd with flashcards, a ukulele and a rubik’s cube”

Sam Roulston: “Local deviant but very nice”

Marty Gleeson: “Offbeat, whimsical and dry with an unexpectedly dark edge”

Rhys Thorne: “Wannabe Cerebral Palsy poster boy”

Tickets are £12 and available here.

LGBTQ+ New Comedian Of The Year (Heat 6) is on 24 April at 7:30 pm, at The Seven Dials Club, 42 Earlham Street, London WC2H 9LA, United Kingdom.



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