12/06/11: It was birthdays, stag dos and hen dos all round at Halfway II Heaven with the best in cabaret entertainment provided by CK, Rose Garden, Trindy, Tanya Hyde, Baga Chipz, Mrs Moore and the cutest dog in the world!  Fun and frolics were had by the always-lively H2H Sunday crowd and, as a first timer to proceedings, consider our cabaret cherry well and truly popped. The atnmosphere was electric with people singing along to all the songs, such a fun and friendly crowd – almost like one big family. The staff graciously gave a bottle of plonk to every birthday person, who were dragged on stage by drags – oh the irony! Halfway 2 Heaven is full characters both on stage and off, and offers one of those great ‘local’ atmospheres for a good time and a giggle-packed knees up, right in the heart of London’s busy West End. We highly recommend it for a fantastic end to the weekend – even if it’s just to watch the straight tourists looking at the cocks in frocks having a fag break outside the bar! Happy Birthday Kelly!

Words and photos by Joel Ryder