27/08/10: Forget your drunken festivals and the ASBO-sponsored Notting Hill Carnival. The Edge was our ‘carnivale’ of choice this weekend, missus. If anyone’s under the impression that this is a serene bar, then you obviously didn’t pop in this weekend! DJ Harvey Adam whipped up a stellar set that got the walls shuddering… and the entire ground floor danced with more gay abandon than your drunk aunt Joan at a wedding. Whilst the punters were knocking back shots, having dance-offs and providing impromptu shows (yeah, I’m looking at YOU girl doing the splits in skin-tight red trousers), the stunning, shirtless bar boys were having the time of their lives, writhing and grinding with each other and the crowd. Not me, no one fucking had a grind with me, old Miss Havisham sitting in the corner in her tattered wedding dress. Bygones. But it wasn’t just the ground floor getting into the ‘We have an extra day off work’ spirit; our somewhat jaded reviewers eyes were joyous at how lively it was across all four floors, with Lady Lloyd on top (ahem) in the club bar, blasting out fresh pop choonage alongside her ever-growing entourage of ‘Lloydettes’. The music and atmosphere gave us goosebumps so big they were the size of mumps! In truth, I’ve become a right boring old boot lately, heading home by 11pm to watch Eastenders on iPlayer. But if the gay scene could start putting on more fun, frivolous, attitude-free nights like this, Miss Havisham might just leave her decaying mansion, stick on her dancing shoes and bag herself a gentleman caller.

    11 Soho Square, W1D 3QF
    Words by Lee ‘rhymes with hunted’ Dalloway
    Photos by Chris Jepson