George & Dragon with Dave Lynn

16/04/16: You can never refuse a drag queen! And I didn’t when Dave Lynn demanded I put my camera down and get on stage to do a number with her.

She got one other poor guy on stage with me and after doing a few leg kicks we had to pick her up across us and spin round. Well Dave did a funny turn mid way and she slipped to the floor!

But she’s in great shape for whatever age she is 😉 and got up, then picked her up again, this time from the waist and hoist in to the air.


This time I didn’t drop her but I did accidentally crush her womanhood! By this time Dave got a Jäger bomb in hand, probably just to take the edge off, but she passed it to me to hold while she rearranged herself.

However I was a bit flustered myself and proceeded to down it, to the delightful screams from Miss Lynn, “what are you doing?!”, I smiled and handed her back the glass.

Suffice to say I left the stage rather quickly, so all you queens out there, think twice before asking me on stage, lol. Wonder what will happen at the George & Dragon next time.

George & Dragon, 2 Blackheath Hill, SE10 8DE
Words and Photos by Joel Ryder