Halfway To Heaven

20/07/14: On one of the hottest days of the year so far we decided to pop down to Halfway’s Centre Stage Bar [hand-fans at the ready] for a catch up with the Charing Cross drag collective.

However, by the time we got there, it was raining and a tad parky, so our faces didn’t melt after all. Is this the most English opening to a review ever? Talking about the weather. Probably.

An evening with Connie Lingus (licky licky) and guests was on the cards. And our hostess was on fine form, looking spectacular as ever. We were treated to lots of good old-fashioned anecdotal banter, musical numbers (plenty of Bassey) and gentle probing of the crowd, all ably assisted by DJ David Robson.

Her guests who entertained the Halfway rabble for over two hours included the act who always puts a smile on our face with her dazzling demeanour and ‘slightly’ soiled robe, Dusty Springs and Southern Belle, Cathy Cream, with a barrel-load of cutting one-liners and hilarious patter. (We especially loved that she performed Dolly Parton’s new song ‘Home’. Big Dolly fans here at QX Towers. Good on ya, for keeping cunt-ry alive Cathy.)


Final guest of the night was Kara Van Park, who swooped onto the stage in a super-glam get-up looking every bit the showgirl. Ending the evening with big numbers, powerful vocals and slick dance moves, Kara laid it DOWN!

A great night, as always, amongst a friendly and merry crowd, showcasing some of the newer talent on the scene. Something Halfway has always strived to do. Thanks to Connie and her girls for a bona end to our weekend.

7 Duncannon Street, Charing Cross, WC2N 4JF
Words by Jason Reid
Photos by Joel Ryder