KU Bar

21/01/17: So I don’t know if anyone told you but this place has had a makeover! There’s new lights, new DJ booths, it’s colourful af. Omg it’s pretty in Ku Bar.

And the bar isn’t the only thing that’s pretty, the people are too! First off, we have the bar staff. ALWAYS hot, always smiling and beautiful, always friendly. We can imagine people go here just to perv on the bar staff sometimes!

Second the wonderful hosts! On Saturday night it was little and large, the beautiful Niko Niko and the elegant Jacqui Swallows! Upstairs bathed in beautiful coloured lights it was Carol Garcia all night long while downstairs the stunning Vicky Vivacious had us giving it all on the dance floor.


Lastly we have the great music, the best commercial dance and pop classics! This bar has everything, and it’s just been upgraded! So it’s even better than it was before! Can you even imagine?


30 Lisle Street, Soho, WC2H 7BA

Words by Cé Ó Coileàin

Photos by Luxxxe


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