12/01/13: After spending this week browsing the latest looks on the runway at Men’s Fashion Week, while we were having major fashgasms (that’s orgasms over fashion), we decided that it would be much more fun to be wrapped up in a jock, than it would be a jacket this winter.

So we went on a man hunt at ManBar. But before we could even look at what was on the menu, we lined up four tequilas for starters (and only a tenner – bargain!).

Next, we fancied a bit of Big Brother’s Charlie Hammond, but unfortunately, our sultry eye contact and phallic straw licking went unnoticed. More shots? What with the bar being at full capacity, there were plenty of other candidates. And after grabbing a couple numbers, we were strutting out harder than Naomi.

79 Charing Cross Road, WC2H 0NE
Words by Anthony Gilet & Darren Palfrey
Photos by Mark Storey


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