26/07/13: The gay village was packed last weekend with more queens than Kathy Griffin’s phone book.

Sashaying down the cobbled entrance to The Yard for its 18th birthday celebrations, we liked to think we worked it like Naomi on a Parisian catwalk as we sauntered along the red carpet – although Joan Rivers might suggest we probably looked more like Janice Dickinson after a brewery tour.

Inside, the bar pumped out the soundtrack complete with suitable milkshake commentary as the bar proved that despite the rain, all the sexy boys still flocked to The Yard.

Drop dead gorgeous bar boys delivered the drinks with smiles that had our crotches twitching at every turn – I mean, just check them out in the photos!


No other gay bar in central London does al fresco drinking like The Yard, and we were lucky enough to get a seat in their busy outdoor area.

With suited men to the right and lads in denim shorts to the left it wasn’t the strawberry cider that was quenching our thirst. In the upstairs bar, we enjoyed a more relaxed ambience, while using ‘smoking’ on the balcony as an excuse to people watch and exchange cusses over that cute guy that blew us off last weekend (instead of just blew us).

But we totally didn’t care [*backs copious amounts of Tequila*]. It’s like the saying goes, “The best way to get over a guy that never called, is to give your number to seven more people on the way out.” It may have been the mantra of the old slag, but there’s no place better to exercise this than a yard your milkshake brought all the boys to.

18 years old, but still ahead of the pack. Happy Birthday The Yard!

57 Rupert Street, Soho, W1D 7PL
Words by Anthony Gilét
Photos by Mark Store