Alan K has been a respected DJ of the gay scene for years, and instrumental in many of the best nights and clubs gay clubbers can remember. QX caught up with him to find out what the deal was with the reopening and refurbishment of slick Vauxhall super club Covert, which is now back under his control…


    You’ve taken over Covert. What was your original involvement in the club and why go it alone now?

    We have always been the owners of Covert, we also do property development and that takes a lot of our time up, so we thought at the time that we would offer the Orange Group a share of the club to run it for us. At the end of January we decided to take back the club under our own management again.


    You also have a business partner in the project with you…

    My business partner in Covert is DJ Paulo Moreno, he was the investor that paid for Covert when it was initially bought late in 2011, and he also paid for the entire renovation. At present we are in the process of building a new VIP area and new floor throughout the club amongst much more.

    You’re a straight man running a gay club… Why do you feel so passionate about the gay scene?  

    I love the gay scene, I think it is so free spirited. When I first came onto this scene I was involved in a costly and lengthy court battle for custody of my son in America, and this scene and the people in it allowed me to continue my fight and eventually win – after seven years – my case. I met my wife on the scene and have two more beautiful children, so I feel I owe a lot to the gay scene.

    You’re also working with other promoters on the scene, like Alex Erfan…

    I’m working with quite a few promoters not just at Covert, but for much bigger and better events. People like Alex Erfan, Wayne Shires and Patrick Lilley, are all going to be heading up a team with young hungry promoters. We will be doing Summer Rites together, bringing back SuperMartXé, and a lot of other creative projects. My aim is to create unity on this scene as I feel it is long overdue, and will benefit all involved greatly, but most of all the clubbing public.

    “I love the gay scene, I think it is so free spirited… My aim is to create unity on this scene as I feel it is long overdue.”

    What kind of events are you putting into Covert?

    Covert will be a mix of events. I’m starting Fridays which will be gay with a DJ line-up that I don’t think has ever been on the same billing together due to ‘club politics’. The likes of Steve Pitron, Mickey Galliano, Mikey D, Paulo Moreno, The Oli, Sean Dickson, Tony English, Jamie Hammond, Paulo Heron, Severino and myself, and far too many others to mention, but everyone wants the same thing: unity. Our Fridays start on 5th April, but we have an event on the 16th March where we will have a lot of the above DJs and many more playing for free, and all proceeds from this event will be donated to the Great Ormond Street Hospital, so please come and show your support.


    • Covert is at 65 Albert Embankment, Vauxhall, SE1 7TP. 

    • Don’t miss the big re-launch ‘A New Beginning’ on Saturday 16th March, 11pm-very late. £10 advance, MOTD. All proceeds will go to the Great Ormond Street Hospital.



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