We can’t believe it’s now five years since Profile bar hit Soho, and this chic, homo-leaning venue has now firmly planted itself as a gay scene favourite. Ahead of the birthday celebrations, we spoke to the people who help make Profile rock!


    Club Manager

    I remember it like it was yesterday, the Profile bar opening – the very first one, on Frith Street. Three floors, the very first bar of Gaydar! Amazing cocktails, beautiful staff and the best place to be in Soho.


    Five years later and there’s been lots of news. Lo Profile opened and Profile moved to Wardour Street – on top of the club – but the formula didn’t change. There’s still excellent service, amazing cocktails, handsome bartenders, great music, a jaw-dropping venue and on top of that delicious food!

    I’ve been here since day one, and I can say, without doubt, that the Profile family has improved and our customers are an important part of it. Together we became part of Soho history. If you come to Soho and don’t experience Profile, you haven’t experienced Soho at all!

    So let’s make history once more and show London why we’re the best. Come celebrate with us, it will be an unforgettable experience that you can’t afford to miss!


    Society Promoter

    I began working at Profile on Wardour Street on the opening night. I started as a waiter and then progressed to barman, supervisor and then assistant manager. I am now, also, the Promoter for the Thursday club night Society.

    Working at Profile has always been a fun job for me, starting the day opening as a diner then going through the day until by night we turn into a bar – warming everyone up to shake their booties downstairs.

    We have a great loyal crowd who are always up for a good time and there have been so many great moments. Our Jubilee Garden Party was, without doubt, the best party we’ve ever had. Wardour St was closed off and Profile was fenced to create a garden style. From the minute the party started until the end of the night, Profile was the place to be.



    Having worked on the Gay Scene now for over 14 years I am proud to be celebrating Profile’s 5th birthday. I have been managing for the company since Profile first opened and have seen it go from strength to strength.

    Since Profile moved to its new venue three years ago, the bar has seen many events, pre parties and theme nights – all a success.

    Working at Profile the one thing I value the most is that we are a very close family; most of us have worked here since the bar opened. I have had many great memories at Profile but the opening was the best; there was such a buzz, and as soon as the doors opened the place was packed and alcohol was flowing.

    Since then we have always been known as a bar with great atmosphere, crowd and a place to come eat, drink and start your weekend. So here’s to the next five years!


    PLAY>TIME Promoter

    As soon as you walk into Profile, your senses are awakened, but stay in Profile and they will be pampered and adored.

    Walls of brightly lit circles and stars adorn your entrance into the club, turning you into a celebrity – ready to mingle with the finest of Soho. Welcome to Profile, where our concentration is on you.

    If Profile is fresh modern and sleep and you can’t beat the staff -gorgeous and attentive, from the first smile to their last.

    The atmosphere is as adaptable as you are. Whether you’re in the mood to relax, to party or a mix of both then Profile is for you.

    Profile also offers a feast for your ears. World class DJs can turn a brunch into continuation of last night’s excess or start a night as you mean to go on. LoProfile may open when the bars are closing, but Profile will entertain all day and well into the night.

    The Profile kitchen is also gaining in popularity and quickly becoming one of the most recommended in Soho. It’s only competition coming from the bar, where old drinks are given a modern twist and new ones are constantly being invented. Even if something isn’t on the menu, the bar staff will still make it.

    Profile exists for your pleasure and comfort. We want everyone to feel like they envied for the service they received at Profile. We aim to being the star out in everyone.


    • The Profile birthday weekend kicks off on Saturday 21st July at 84-86 Wardour Street, Soho, W1F 0TQ.